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3 Unusual Batik Fabric Crafts To Spruce Up Your Home
Batiks are appealing, intricate materials used as fine additions to quilts and garments. Here are a few other unique crafts you can create using these fabrics!
How Colorful Quilting Fabrics Are Produced
Before they reach your hands for use in fabulous projects, quilting fabrics undergo manufacturing processes involving spinning, threading, and dying.
3 Steps To Ensure Your Quilt Will Last for Years
As precious crafts that require patience and detail, quilts can deteriorate over time. Check out a few methods that will help you protect your quilts’ quality.
5 Must-Have Quilting Tools To Get the Job Done Right
Quilting is a hobby that requires unique tools to execute stitches and details. Here are several must-haves that should have a home in your quilting collection.
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What Is Tatting? The Ancient Method of Lacemaking
If you appreciate the intricate detail work of crochet, embroidery, and knitting, there's a chance that you'll enjoy tatting. But what exactly is tatting?
4 Uncommon Uses for Batiks That Might Shock You
Known for its unique dying process, batiks provide a particular foundation to the sewing experience. But what uncommon uses do these fabrics have?
10 Creative Crochet Ideas To Keep You Warm This Winter
Temperatures are dropping each day, and you're bundling up! Check out these creative crochet ideas that put your skill to the test and keep you warm.
5 Tips To Picking the Right Fabric for Your Next Project
Fabric is the heart and soul of any craft project, which is why making sure you choose the best material is essential to creating your best masterpieces.
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5 Most Common Sewing Mistakes That Beginners Make
Just like most new hobbies, there are learning curves that new crafters encounter while sewing that may require time and patience to master.
How To Set Up Your Own Quilting Workshop
Quilting is a fantastic hobby that requires the use of tools that need their space. Get started in setting up your crafting zone with these helpful steps.
What You Need To Know Before You Start Crocheting
Crocheting is an entertaining and crafty hobby to pick up! Here are several tips and tricks that can prove helpful before learning how to crochet.
Useful Life Skills You’ll Learn While Quilting
While quilting can teach you sewing basics like maneuvering a needle and oiling, there are more skills you’ll learn that step outside the fabric box.
Helpful Tips for Sewing With Batik Fabric
Batiks are unique in that they undergo a dyeing process that creates beautiful, distinctive patterns. However, there’s more to know when sewing with them.
Eco-Quilting: Sewing in Favor of Sustainability
In an era where environmental awareness is critical to our well-being, knowing how to do your part when engaging in hobbies is a small step to colossal change.
What Could You Possibly Make With Batiks?
Originating in Indonesia, batiks are beautifully dyed fabrics with intricate patterns that are popular amongst quilters. But what can you do with them?
What All Beginners Should Know About Batik Fabrics
As you venture further into sewing, you’ll discover the world of batik fabrics. But what are they? Here’s what all beginners should know about batik fabrics.
Classic Quilting Project Ideas for Beginners
Sewing, knitting, crocheting are activities crafty people love to give a try. But what about quilting? Here are classic quilting project ideas for beginners.