What Are Fat Quarters and What Are They Used For?

What Are Fat Quarters and What Are They Used For?

Starting a new hobby is exciting but sometimes difficult. Many new hobbies have specific language and vocabulary that beginners struggle to understand. This is true in the quilting world, where different fabric cuts have names that new quilters may not have heard of elsewhere. One example of this is the fat quarter. What are fat quarters, and what are they used for? Keep reading to learn the answers and get project ideas.

Fat Quarters Definition

You asked about fat quarters, and we’re happy to answer. A fat quarter is a specific fabric cut that’s wider than the typical quarter yard. Quarter yards of fabric normally measure 9 inches across and about 44 inches wide, although the width can vary depending on the fabric. These long, skinny pieces have many uses, which we’ll describe later, but they’re not ideal for all quilting projects.

On the other hand, fat quarters measure 18 inches by 22 inches instead of the traditional 9 by 14 inches. Fabric manufacturers create them with square-like rectangular cuts instead of evenly cutting the yard of fabric into fourths. While the area of the material remains the same regardless of the cut, these square-like rectangles are wider and much easier to use than traditional quarter yards.

Using Fat Quarters

This fabric cut is one of the most common in quilting. The main application of this fabric cut is making blanket quilts in various mattress sizes. Since fat quarters come in a standard size and are easy to use, it’s fairly simple to calculate how many fat quarters you need to make a blanket quilt for a specific mattress size. For example, you need about 24 fat quarters if you’re making a blanket quilt for a twin-sized bed. If you’re planning to cut the fat quarters into smaller pieces or want to add details like borders, you may need more or fewer fat quarters.

Fat Quarter Project Examples

You can use fat quarters in other quilting projects as well. Their squarish size makes them ideal for making tote bags and pillow cushions. You can also fold and cut them into smaller squares for smaller projects, such as making potholders and coasters. Once you feel comfortable using fat quarters in these square-shaped projects, you can use them for making other things, such as hair scrunchies, bowl covers, and baby bibs.

Knowing what fat quarters are and what people use them for can help you get a better idea of language and projects within the quilting world. Lindley General Store is glad to assist you as you learn more about quilting. Our online quilt stores in Canada can provide the various quilting materials you need to get started with this fun, creative hobby.