Quilting Month Week 3

This promotion is now over. We'll see you in March 2023!


UPDATE: If you are looking for the first clue, click here!

Good Monday Morning! Week 3 begins with an early easter egg hunt! I've scattered 10 eggs through out the website and each one will reveal a different discount. 

Want hints as to where the eggs are located? Comment below and tell us and we might release a clue tomorrow.

Easter Egg Hunt Details:

  • There are 10 eggs hidden in throughout the website
  • Coupon codes cannot be used together.
  • Don't share the location of the eggs or the link to the discount pages (once you've found the eggs) with anyone else. That would be cheating and would ruin the fun for others.
  • Eggs and discount codes disappear at 9:00 AM EST on 28th of March 2022

Promotions This Week:

Underlines indicate links. Please be sure to click the links below for more details.

  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • Free fat eights in all quilting/sewing orders (available for any order upon request)


  • Anonymous

    Having problems finding egg #7. Buy snail mail for a quilty friend?

  • Susan

    Found number one. Will there be an egg each day, or all at once? Would love hints

  • Carol

    Aha! Found it!! Off to shop now!

  • Bonnie Christy

    Searched but didn’t find. Placed my order anyway, love your store.

  • Kathleen

    This is something fun in a not so fun world these days!

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