Why Do You Quilt?

Last year, we asked some of you why it is that you quilt. We had so many beautiful and inspiring answers. You can read some of our favourites below!

It's my happy place. I love creating something beautiful for my family and friends.


I have always loved puzzles and quilts are fabric puzzles to me. I love the different challenges and techniques. I also find quilting to be relaxing...at least until I add up the UFO's that is!


To make items for those I treasure in my life; the gift that gives hugs indefinitely.


My grandmother is an amazing quilter and I decided to keep the tradition alive. She’s 94 and has shared so much with me but doesn’t quilt as much as she would like to. Quilting is my therapy as well. I love fabric and quilting for the people I love. There’s so many reasons why I quilt but that is just a few.


So let me ask you, why do you quilt?


  • Loretta

    I struggle as a quilter but woke up one day to discover all of my friends are quilters!

  • Margaret Jensen

    I do it to keep busy and during the shutdowns it saved my sanity. I have a good stock of fabrics and cut out about 12 quilts, now putting together for Christmas gifts.

  • Colette Gentes

    All of my life I have been around a sewing machine and fabric. I made many wardrobes of business clothes and coats but here I am in my older age having the time of my life making quilts. Sad is the day I don’t get to spend some time in my studio either working on a quilt or just playing with the fabric What richness quilting has brought to my life

  • Laurel Dodham

    I love to learn and I like to create beautiful things. Giving a unique gift to someone who is special to me is very important. Thus, what is better than the hug of a quilted blanket?

  • Arlene

    ’ I quilt…therefore, I am ’

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