COVID-19 and Shipping Delays

See below for April updates

23rd Mar 2020

Dear Customers,

I suspect that you have received an email from every company you have ever dealt with on how they are handling the current Covid-19 pandemic. For that reason, I thought we would forgo the email and put the information here instead.  

As this is an ever-evolving situation, we will update this page as necessary.

As of today, March 23rd, there have been minimal effect on our ability to operate. As most of you know, we are an online-only business and our team consists only of our family, we are not putting other people at risk by staying open. 

If you have concerns about the safety of receiving packages, I encourage to read what the health officials are saying about that.

Shipping Delays and Interruptions:

As always, we remain committed to fulfilling your orders in a timely manner. However, at this time, there are a lot of delays within Canada Post and shipping companies, due to the reduced workforce and the many quarantine areas.

Please be advised that your packages may take longer to arrive then is normal. As of March 18th Canada Post has suspended time guarantees for Expedited, Xpresspost and Priority. As of April 9th, we have disabled Xpresspost and Priority as they are no longer any quicker than Expedited.

20th April 2020 Update

At this point, couriers and Canada Post are noticibly slower for a lot of our customers, while some have almost no delay. UPS has had to hold some packages for several days or longer as they simply are unable to keep up with the demand. We cannot do anything about this. It is simply what happens when systems are stretched to their limits and beyond. 

We are currently experiencing a higher then normal number of orders, emails and phone calls. Just know that we are doing everything in our power to get you what you need as fast as is humanly possible. We appreciate your patience as we all do our best to get through this challenging time together.

Stay safe!

-Abigail K
 Lindley General Store