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POSY Organics

Lemongrass & Coconut Milk Soap Bar

$6.95 CAD


Coconut milk is rich in vitamin E, and deep cleansing and moisturizing for the skin. Coconut oil soothes the skin, has anti-aging effects and helps protect skin from the sun with a natural SPF of 4-6.  The essential oil of lemongrass is a refreshing, clean and calming aroma which can help to relieve stress, insomnia, muscle pain and headaches.

Ingredients: Organic coconut oil, organic palm oil, extra virgin olive oil, organic coconut milk, filtered water, *lye, avocado oil, African natural shea butter, organic castor oil, organic wheatgrass, dill, essential oils of lemongrass and ginger.

*Lye is essential in the saponification process that produces soap.  No lye is left in the finished product.