4 Crochet Techniques for Your Next Project

4 Crochet Techniques for Your Next Project

Crochet is a beautiful form of art that involves designing a patterned fabric by looping yarn using a hooked needle.

While this is the basic crochet technique, you can utilize many different techniques when doing your projects. Here are four crochet techniques for your next project. Knowing them will ensure you’re ready to make a wonderful art piece!


Knooking is a clever technique many people use to make a sweater, socks, and more because they offer unique designs.

This crochet technique involves holding a live stitch while moving on to the next row, using a specialized crochet hook that contains an eyelet that you attach a cord (knook) to.

Knooking is a great way to achieve fabric that looks like a knitted piece. Additionally, if you’re an experienced crocheter, you won’t have to learn how to “cast on” because you complete the first row by crocheting a chain.

Magic Ring

The magic ring crochet technique involves an adjustable loop that you crochet over. You pull the loop once you’ve stitched the required number. This technique can benefit your crochet project because there’s typically no empty space in the middle, leaving no room for error.

Finger Crochet

Finger crochet is a super fun technique that you can teach yourself or your children because it requires no loop, just your fingers!

All you need to do is make the slip knot, then start building the chain. After that, pull the working yarn by placing your finger into the second chain, pull the loops using your thumb and forefinger, and pull through. Continue this process until you’ve successfully completed each crochet chain!

Broomstick Lace

The broomstick lace might be one of the most common crochet designs you see on blankets, scarves, and more. This technique requires a standard crochet hook and one extra tool to feed the loops onto. Many people chain the broomstick lace using lightweight yarn, as bulky yarns may be too big.

You can complete any crochet project confidently and use any technique you choose by having the right crochet tools and accessories. Feel free to try out these four crochet techniques for your next project. They’ll enable you to use your crochet hook in various ways. Start today!