4 Orphan Quilt Block Projects You’ll Love

4 Orphan Quilt Block Projects You’ll Love

Have you ever quilted a test block for a project but never ended up using that block? Oftentimes, test blocks sit in a corner and gather dust, but not for much longer!

An orphan quilt block is essentially a test fabric design you made that didn’t make it into the next project, but they’re still valuable and can be made into so many different things. Let’s explore four orphan quilt block projects you’ll love.

Decorative Pillow

Is your sofa or bed lonely without extra throw pillows? Decorative pillows help to tie in different accents within a room, such as paint colors, area rugs, curtains, and more.

You can use your orphan block to create either a single pillow for a loveseat or a pair for your couch or bedroom. All you need to do is add borders and stitch any extra blocks together for a distinctive design.

Table Runner

Table runners aren’t just used during the holiday season! You can incorporate your quilt blocks by pairing the same patterns or placing them on either side of the runner with fabric in between!

There are many ways you can make a table runner with orphan blocks; just create a design that’s special to you and enables you to get creative.

Quilt Bag

Quilt purses, bookbags, diaper bags, wallets, and more are popular in the retail market because they offer unique designs that appeal to everyone!

Try adding as much fabric as you need to the block in order to fit the size of the bag you’re looking to create. When it’s all done, head out and show off your new fashion accessories!

Gather Blocks Together for One Quilt

Finally, you can build up a collection of orphan blocks to create a quilt blanket that contains each of them! The beauty of quilts is that each design is incredibly unique to the person who created it. Every quilt has a story behind it.

Helpful tip: be sure to buy quilting supplies online, so you’re adequately prepared to make any size quilt you desire! Additionally, try to keep all your blocks in one place, so you know where to find them when you’re ready to make your quilt.

Whether you’re an experienced or beginner quilter, creating different blocks will enhance your next project and make it special to you. Be sure to use this guide to four orphan quilt block projects to expand your creativity and get crafty with your projects!