5 Most Common Sewing Mistakes That Beginners Make

5 Most Common Sewing Mistakes That Beginners Make

Learning a new skill comes with challenges; however, these aspects are easy to overcome once you familiarize yourself with concepts that help you improve. With sewing, there are common aspects that most beginners confuse when getting acquainted with the craft. Whether using the wrong tools or a misstep in technique, these are the five most common sewing mistakes that beginners make while learning to sew.

Using the Wrong Tools

When starting a new hobby, a common practice is to purchase tools specific to the craft. However, to save money, some may find themselves trying to use supplies they already have since these serve a similar purpose.

If this hack works, there’s nothing wrong with sticking with it. But, sometimes, these shortcuts make sewing more challenging and can extend projects.

Choosing a Pattern Meant for Intermediate or Advanced Sewers

With online tutorials serving as blessings, you can learn just about anything from watching a video! Video tutorials and blogs can be reliable sources of information but remember that learning techniques steadily can prevent you from becoming overwhelmed.

Jumping right into a project can be tempting, but learning terms, techniques, and patterns are essential to progress and can aid in mastering beginner projects before advancing.

Not Preparing Fabric Before a Project

A habit amongst beginner and expert crafters is failing to prepare fabric beforehand. Some materials may require washing or dry cleaning to prevent color bleeding, eliminate chemicals, and pre-shrink them so that projects can stay true to size.

Ignoring Sewing Technique Instructions

Perhaps one of the more serious mistakes you can make is ignoring sewing pattern instructions in a project. Doing so can cost time and material that you would have wasted when reaching for the seam ripper.

Allowing Crafts To Discourage You

Mistakes can be discouraging, but you shouldn’t allow tiny errors to deter you from completing a project. As a beginner, making mistakes is normal during the learning process and can surprisingly help your sewing for the better.

Keep in mind that these five most common sewing mistakes do not discourage beginners from learning the skill but serve as a reminder that it’s OK to make mistakes. No one is born an expert at everything, which is why learning from mistakes is so essential.

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