5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Embroider

5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Embroider

Have you fallen completely into your calming crafting world this summer? If there’s any season that’s needed it, it’s this one! If the stress of all that’s going on in the world is getting to you, we suggest crafting as a way to ease your soul and bring some normalcy to your routine. Embroidery is the craft that people everywhere are falling in love with; it’s not too complicated and you can take it with you almost anywhere. Once you learn about all the things you didn’t know you could embroider, you’ll be even more obsessed with this calming craft. Check it out!

Your Favorite Book Covers

If you’re one of those people that doesn’t even like dog-earring pages, skip on to the next option! But, if this idea intrigued you, then stick with us. If you simply search “embroidery book covers” you’ll find tons of inspiration. Whether you delve your needle directly into the paper book or want to embroider on the cloth that’ll act as a book cover, it’s up to you! Let your creativity wander with your favorite books. It’s one of those things you didn’t know you could embroider that you’ll never forget again.

A Pair of Shoes

Summer truly is the perfect time for this project. Grab a pair of white sneakers or lovely flats and see what creations you can build upon them. Embroider some flowers on the sides of your Converse or geometric patterns on your sandals. Now’s the time to wear your finished projects since they’re less likely to stain.

A Sweet Tote Bag

As more and more people finally hop on the trend of bringing their own bags to the store, why not spruce yours up a bit? Grab some of your tote bags and embroider them! Maybe you can label exactly what the bags are for or put some cute fruit designs on the bag. Whatever you decide, have fun with it. Totes are the ultimate blank slate for you to play with.

Your Shower Curtain

Bored with your bathroom’s look? Maybe what you need to spruce it up is an embroidered shower curtain. It’s hard sometimes to find the shower curtain that matches your chosen bathroom theme. But, when you design it yourself, you’re sure to fall in love. We suggest using a cotton shower curtain (color of your choice) with a waffle weave and some medium gauge yarn. Make sure to map it all out before you begin so that you keep your embroidery even.

All Your Clothes

At this point, we’re sure you knew about embroidering your jean pockets and your favorite tees. Did you think about embroidering your own jean jacket instead of paying for one, though? Or embroidering a simple ball cap to spruce it up? There are tons of ways you can add a bit more of your personality to the clothes you wear.

Chances are, there’s always some way for you to unleash your embroidery skills on the world—you just have to get creative. For all of your summer crafting needs, look to Lindley General Store. We have everything you need for your embroidery projects and we carry a wide range of knitting accessories in Canada. We want to ensure that you’re stocked up and ready to craft—shop our collections now!