Essential Macramé Tips for Beginners

Essential Macramé Tips for Beginners

We’ve talked quite a bit about a lot of crafting realms to enjoy. From knitting and quilting to cross stitching and embroidery, we’ve covered a lot—except for macramé! Today, we’ll delve into everything first-time macramé weavers need to know. Read on to learn some essential macramé tips for beginners—understanding basic knots and cutting more than necessary will make your weaving experience easier.

Perfect Basic Knots First

When you first sit down to learn macramé, you may find yourself a bit overwhelmed at all the different knots. Don’t panic! Start with a few basic knots to get the technique down—the square knot is the perfect place to start. It’s the basis of most macramé projects; below, you’ll find a few other common knots to focus on:

  • Square Knot
  • Lark’s Head Knot
  • Clove Hitch Knot
  • Half Knot Spiral

Cut More Cord Than You Think

One of the biggest problems new weavers experience is running out of cord before the end of the project. To keep this from happening, you should always cut more cord than you think you’ll need. One tip is to measure the desired length of the project, then multiply it by four. You can always cut off excess cord and use it for tassels, fringing, or practicing different knots.

Start With Hemp Cord

Speaking of cords, start learning the knots with hemp cord because it’s easy to work with and easy to undo knot mistakes.

Head To a Workshop if You Can

With the pandemic still raging on, you may first learn macramé on your own. But when you can, we highly suggest heading to a workshop. There, you’ll get hands-on help for different projects, befriend like-minded weavers, and refine the craft.

Patience Is Key

Our last essential macramé tip for beginners has to deal with patience. As with any crafting project, patience is key. When you’re first learning different knots and beginning your first project, it’s quite easy to become frustrated when you have to undo knots and start again. But this is all part of the learning experience, and even expert weavers still have to undo knots from time to time.

Remember that this is supposed to be a fun craft! So, breathe through it and relax!

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