Fabric Storage & Organization Ideas for Dedicated Quilters

Fabric Storage & Organization Ideas for Dedicated Quilters

Every creative space needs storage and organization, especially the place where you quilt. Most dedicated quilters know that you can easily lose the fabric, bindings, and thread you need without an organization system. You may even lose a completed project in the shuffle!

Thankfully, there are lots of fabric storage and organization ideas for dedicated quilters. Since fabric is only part of a quilting project, we’ll also provide storage and organization ideas for related quilting materials.

Dark Plastic Storage Bins for Fabrics

Whether you prefer to buy your fabric by the yard or in pre-cut shapes such as fat quarters, you need to store it well. Most quilting projects produce leftover fabric, which needs a safe place to wait for a new purpose. If you’re a quilter who buys fabric before deciding on a project, storage and organization are even more important since they help you keep track of your supplies.

The best way to store and organize quilting fabric is in dark plastic storage bins. Light can cut through clear plastic and fade your fabric before you get a chance to use it. Dark plastic will prevent this from happening. Plastic bins come in various sizes for your fabric and are easy to label. Most experienced quilters recommend organizing fabrics by type and color. For example, use one bin for solid purple fabric and another for purple batik fabric.

Paper Towel Holder for Bindings

Bindings are important when putting a quilt together and making it look beautiful. However, it’s easy for these rolls to get away from you or get buried in your bins. A stand-up paper towel holder is a great way to stack your binding rolls and easily cut off the amount you need without fully unrolling anything. Paper towel holders are also easy to carry, so you can store your bindings in one place and work on your quilt in another.

Cutlery Drawer Organizers for Thread

Like bindings, thread rolls can easily roll away from you while you’re using it. It can also unravel and get tangled if tossed in bins or sewing boxes. Cutlery draw organizers are great storage options since they keep thread rolls standing up and enable easy access. You don’t have to place the organizer in a drawer—it can sit on a closet shelf, a desk, or anywhere else you need to keep your threads accessible.

Clothes Hangers for Completed Projects

Some dedicated quilters have more completed projects than they can use at once. They may also have different quilts for different seasons and occasions. This means they need a storage option for completed projects when not in use or on display. Clothing hangers are great for this, as they keep the fabric hanging straight and can hold quilts in a closet away from sunlight.

Even dedicated quilters need help with fabric storage and organization ideas. Try these options to see how they work for you. If you’re in the market for more fabric to store and organize, we sell batik fabric online in Canada. We offer a wide selection of this fabric so you can find exactly what you need for your next project.