Fun Crochet Projects To Make for Your Cat

Fun Crochet Projects To Make for Your Cat

If you have cats, then you know how much you love them. There are many ways to keep improving their lives and giving them a happy home. How about trying something unique, like making them a new toy, bed, or a special gift? Nothing says love for your pets like a one-of-a-kind item for them made by their most important person in their world – you, their owner. As it turns out, the art of crochet offers many options for some wonderful surprises that your cat will love. Part of what is so great about creating items through crocheting is that you do not have to be a crochet master to complete a project. There are many great options and ideas that use basic patterns for beginners. And if you do happen to be advanced at crocheting, you can make something as elaborate as you want. Starting off with something small or easier is not a bad option, as it will allow you to practice your basic stitches, and then you can eventually progress on to more complex projects. Crocheting can be an exciting and engaging hobby. When that is joined with creating something to meet your cat’s wants and needs, it turns into something even more rewarding. To give you a varying assortment of ideas, we offer this list of fun crochet projects to make for your cat.

Crochet Toy from Toilet Paper Roll

Crocheting this cute toy is a great easy project to start with as it only uses simple materials, and it will give your cat something fun to play with. This toy involvers crocheting a liner that fits right over the toilet paper roll. You can choose to make it for the size of the whole roll, or you can cut the roll down to make it smaller. Patterns for this kind of toy usually involve a very simple stitch, and they will still produce a very cut and enjoyable toy. One of the best details on this type of cat toy is it has a thin tassel that you crochet to hang down from the roll, which has a little bell you can attach at the end. This toy is also special since you can generally complete it within an hour. Consider making one for your own cat, but also a few for any friends who have cats as well.

Classic Crochet Cat Bed

This is a great idea for your cat, especially if they happen to enjoy their own place to relax and nap. The bed should be stitched from a soft yarn, which will give a comforting feel that your cat will love. Most patterns for cat beds like this are not hard to complete, as they use a basic stitch. The time it will take to create this bed is usually dependent on your skill level at crocheting. If you are someone who is newer to it, then the project will probably involve several hours of work time, but that is okay. It will still teach you and expand your experience, and your cat will certainly be happy about it. The process of stitching a crochet bed is not only fun, but it will also save you money as many cat beds from stores can cost $20 and up.

Large Crochet Yarn Ball

It’s common that cats like to play with balls of yarn. Instead of them batting around one you need, why not give them one of their very own? This will be a wonderful toy that will bring them excitement, and it gives you the benefit of any of your balls of yarn for crocheting being left alone. This style of ball also uses a simple pattern, as well as basic crochet stitches. The ball should come out to a little over three inches in diameter, making it perfect for a bigger cat. Consider personalizing it a nit by choosing specific colors or add a little marking or symbol like a paw print, or maybe your cat’s initials.

Bulky Crochet Cat Bed

This is a type of cat bed that is significantly different from a simple crochet, but this does not mean it is difficult to make. This bed is incredibly puffy and soft, making it perfect for any cat to cuddle up in and feel happy. The bed is made bulkier and softer through using jersey t-shirt instead of typical yarn. The material will need to be in strips. You should also make sure to have some large crochet hooks for this project. Finding these materials and the necessary tools is not hard, but it is worth it to make sure you are finding supplies of quality. You can cut up old shirts for the material, but also consider special retailers. Since you will also need the proper hooks, shop for options of quilting tools from Canada and other unique suppliers that might have a wider array of options. The better the quality, the more comfortable it will be for your cat.

Customized Cat Collar

This is one of the most fun crochet projects to make for your cat. This is a great alternative to collars from a pet store that can be tight, stiff, and overall uncomfortable for many cats. This design is created out of multiple crocheted loops that will get hooked together. The pattern for the loops is made up of very basic stitches that can be made from regular yarn. You will need to purchase some fasteners to connect the yarn loops. These should be fairly easy to come by at any pet, hobby, or even craft store. A great addition to this type of collar are some jingle bells, which you can hook at the end of each loop. This not only adds a cute touch for your cat, but it is also a practical one as it will allow you to always hear where your cat is. What is also fun about this collar is the way you can customize it. Alternate your loops with different colors to create a pattern. You can also make them form a color spectrum or pick some colors that you feel would complement your cat’s unique look.

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