Helpful Tips for Sewing With Batik Fabric

Helpful Tips for Sewing With Batik Fabric

In past years, batiks made their way to prominence amongst quilters. These fabrics originated in Asia and have a unique patterning. The patterns are a product of the dyeing process that utilizes wax to protect parts from absorbing colors. Using batiks in a sewing project can add fun and texture that complements a specific piece. However, there are helpful tips you should know when sewing with batik fabric that will allow you to understand further how to use them.

Batiks Are Sturdy

Batik fabrics have a tighter weave that allows them to stay upright during the dyeing stage. Consider using a sharper fine-point needle to prevent punching holes into the material. You can also use finer thread to keep stitching from showing too much.

Batiks Are Pre-Shrunk

During the dyeing stage, batik fabrics undergo some shrinking. When mixing with another material, such as cotton, you might want to consider washing your fabrics beforehand to ensure an even appearance.

Considering Pre-Washing Batiks

You don’t have to pre-wash batiks; however, taking a cautionary step of handwashing before incorporating them into a quilt can make a difference. You can test the fabric for leaking dye that could potentially alter or ruin a quilt. If you choose to handwash your materials, remember to lay flat when drying.

How To Tell Front From Back

It can be tricky to differentiate a clear front of batik fabric from the back, as they’ll look similar. In this situation, take note of one side of the batik. You’ll notice that one side’s pattern has less blurring that indicates the fabric’s front.

Batiks Have Great Uses

Batiks are useful in applique as they possess a tighter weave that prevents excessive fraying.

Use the Design to Your Advantage

You can use a batik’s design in many ways that allow your creativity to take you! Consider utilizing various spots of the same fabric to get different looks throughout your quilt.

Remembering these helpful tips when sewing with batik fabric can help you utilize the fabrics more efficiently if you’ve had difficulty incorporating them into your quilts.

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