How to Knit an Infinity Scarf for Beginners

How to Knit an Infinity Scarf for Beginners

If you have been looking for a project to help you start knitting, an infinity scarf is a great place to start. When it comes to knitting, an infinity scarf is a wonderful choice for a beginner, since they are usually made up of simple knits and purls. Through a bit of simple instruction, you can create a beautiful textured scarf that is perfectly suited for the coming fall season. Follow along as we discuss how to knit an infinity scarf for beginners.

Start with Your Materials

Start with super bulky yarn, which is usually made from merino wool. Make sure to use a pair of 10mm knitting needles and have a tapestry needle and tape measure on hand as well. You can look online to find high-quality knitting accessories in Canada from a variety of unique crafting retailers.

Cast On

To start this process, make a slipknot that loops onto your left needle. You should cast on about 21 stitches. Once you have the stitches on your needle, you can start creating a stitch pattern, which is made up of two rows.

Row 1 and Row 2

These two different rows create the pattern you will follow throughout the majority of the whole project.

  • Row 1: Begin with Slip 1 knitwise. Push your second needle into your first loop and create a knit stitch. Then, slip it off the left needle and onto the right one. Next, Knit 1, which is simply making one knit stitch. Follow this with Purl 2 (making two purl stitches), and then Knit 2 (two knit stitches.) Repeat Purl 2 and Knit 2 until you get to the final three stitches, in which you will Purl 2 and Knit 1.

Once you have finished your first row, write the pattern down or refer back to this list.

  • Row 2: Start Purlwise, taking the first stitch as if you are going to purl. Next, you will Purl 1, followed by Knit 2 and Purl 2. As with Row 1, you will repeat Knit 2 and Purl 2 until you reach the last three stitches. Knit 2, then Purl 1 to finish this row.

Continue to repeat Rows 1-2 until you reach the length you desire. The average length for this type of scarf is 42”.

Cast Off and Finish

You have almost finished learning how to knit an infinity scarf. Cast off by knitting two stitches with the right needle. Follow this with the left needle, going under the first stitch and bringing it over the second stitch on the right. Continue this pattern until you reach the last stitch. Bring the needle through the final loop, pulling through a tail of yarn that’s seven times the width of your cast off edge. Use your tapestry needle to thread the two ends of the scarf together. And just like that, you have an infinity scarf.