How To Upgrade Your Wardrobe With Quilting Patterns

How To Upgrade Your Wardrobe With Quilting Patterns

When you're a seasoned quilter, you have an excellent eye for detail. Being a great quilter means being able to craft quilts while simultaneously considering colors, patterns, textures, stitch work, and other elements that all affect the composition of a blanket.

Since you have such a talent for composing quilts, why not use this skill to create custom clothing pieces for your wardrobe? To learn more about how to upgrade your wardrobe with quilting patterns, continue reading below.  

Patchwork Skirts

Your style can say a lot about your personality. When you quilt a patchwork pattern skirt, you can instantly share your love of crafting with everyone you meet. Patchwork skirts are a fun statement piece to add to any summer outfit, and they're relatively easy to make.

There are endless types of patchwork patterns you can choose from, but most patterns follow similar directions of quilting different colors and fabrics into squares shapes. These skirts encompass a more rustic aesthetic because of their collage composition of mixed materials and designs.

Not only will this skirt be a unique addition to your wardrobe, but it will also combine some of your favorite fabrics and patterns in one piece of clothing.

Quilted Bomber Jackets

Quilted bomber jackets are a trend that has grown more popular with Gen-Z over the past year. These jackets are an amalgamation of a classic bomber jacket cut with the same patterns and designs as a standard quilt. If you're ready to join this trend or you'd like to craft this jacket as a gift, now is the perfect time to use your quilting talents.

The jacket inseam and design make these jackets a more complicated challenge, but seasoned quilters should quickly overcome this hurdle. The patterns of the jacket materials are innately similar to traditional quilts, so with some preparation and practice, these jackets should be wearable in no time.

Quilted Jacket Details

Quilting a new piece of clothing for your wardrobe can be time-consuming. If you prefer a quicker craft to embellish your style, consider adding quilting details to premade clothing. For example, if you have a favorite jacket or shirt, quilt blooming roses or mystical blue clouds into the material. With these small details, you can transform an ordinary piece of clothing into a personalized and favorite wardrobe piece.

There are so many different ways to use your quilting talents to embellish your fashion. Review our guide on how to upgrade your wardrobe with quilting patterns before you start your next crafting project!

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