Simple Tips for Crochet Beginners & A Few Project Ideas

Simple Tips for Crochet Beginners & A Few Project Ideas

Have you finally decided to take the plunge and get your crochet career started? If so, we provide some important tips for crochet beginners—from creating balls of thread to making gauge swatches. We share what you need to become an advanced crocheter, and we even include some of our favorite fun beginner project ideas. Check it out!

Turn Skeins into Balls

Our first tip for crochet beginners has to do with your yarn. Yarn comes in different shapes, sizes, and bundles—there are skeins, hanks, balls, and cakes. For beginners, however, it’s important to keep your yarn in a ball. Skeins become easily knotted and can make it difficult for you to keep a good flow with your stitches.

Think About Hook Size

If you’re a novice crocheter, there’s a chance that your work is either too tight or too loose. One way to fix this is by switching up your hook size. Larger crochet hooks help those whose work is too tight, whereas smaller hooks are better for those with loose work. Before you even start your project, experiment with different sizes to determine which size works best for you.

Don’t Change Hooks During a Project

Though it’s a good idea to switch out crochet hooks before a project, you should never switch hooks during a project. For your stitches to be even and consistent, you have to stick to the same hook throughout the entire project. Switching hooks mid-project risks an inconsistent finished project. Even if you have two hooks that are the same size, and switch between those, you may still run the risk of an uneven project—not every manufacturer has the same hook size.

Position the Yarn Properly

This is a small tip but makes a huge difference in keeping you calm and lessening your frustration. Make sure that your yarn ball is in a good position for it to unwind easily as you crochet. Keep it in your lap or at your feet on the floor. Try to position the ball in a way that will prevent it from rolling around and unwinding.

Start with Gauge Swatches

Before you start any project, especially clothing projects, you need to make sure that you begin with gauge swatches. Gauge swatches are one of the most critical parts of your project. They help you create uniformity for your project and ensure your project will be the right size.

Count, Count, Count!

Simply put, when you’re a beginner, make sure you count—count your stitches and count your rows. It’ll ensure you have an even project.

Don’t Be Afraid

Finally, don’t be afraid when you’re starting a project! Experiment with new yarn, unravel stitches, and don’t hesitate to try new things. There’s no such thing as the crochet police, so you’re more than welcome to learn at your own pace in your own way.

Fun Beginner Project Ideas

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