The Most Essential Products Needed for Designing a Quilt

The Most Essential Products Needed for Designing a Quilt

Quilting requires a high amount of concentration, precision, and organization. This process should not be overcomplicated by the tools you're using to craft. Keep reading to learn more about the most essential products needed for designing a quilt.  

Cutting Mat

Before starting any quilt, all quilters should invest in a cutting mat. Cutting mats are essential to ensuring you are making precise and accurate cuts in your fabric. These mats come in various dimensions; however, 18 x 24 inches is the most standard size used by quilters.

Cutting mats serve two main functions. First, they are double-sided to provide two different grids for precision cutting and standard cutting. When following a quilt pattern or design with specific cutting measurements, it will be imperative to use the precision grid to cut fabric sizes accurately.

Cutting mats also protect your work area. The thick material of these mats acts as a guard between your rotary blades and your workstation. Although rotary blades are incredibly sharp, these mats will withstand any damage to their material and elongate the life of blades over time.

Rotary Cutter

Another vital tool for any quilter is rotary cutters. Scissors and shears will also be valuable tools for your quilting kit; however, rotary cutters will provide the most precise and sharp cuts for your fabric. Rotary cutters feature premium-quality blades that shape and cut fabric panels with one easy swipe. Since these blades are so sharp, they should only be used when cutting material on cutting mats.

Square Non-Slip Rulers

These rulers come in a variety of dimensions to fit your quilting preferences. Not only are these tools incredibly user-friendly, but they are also helpful for crafting block fabric panels. Beginner quilters will find these tools beneficial for learning how to cut and compose quilts, and seasoned professionals will use this tool to nail down patterns and designs.

Quilt Hangers

Once you've completed your quilt, it's time to show it off! Every quilter needs a quilt hanger in their essential tool kit to showcase their newest creation. Quilts can make excellent blankets and decorations, so consider hanging your craft to share it with friends and family. Using quilt hangers will be a visual reminder of your hard work and talents, and it'll add personality to your home.

Make your quilting experience stress-free. When you use some of the most essential products needed for designing a quilt, you use high-quality products that will guarantee a high-quality result. Here at Lindley General Store, we offer some of the best quilting tools in Canada and supply you with all of your crafting must-haves. To browse our crafting and sewing supplies and selection, check out our website.