What Could You Possibly Make With Batiks?

What Could You Possibly Make With Batiks?

Batiks are eye-catching—these fabrics undergo a unique dyeing process that contributes to a finished result of marbled patterns that work well to add color to a muted project. However, using batiks isn't always an easy feat, as you might not know how to incorporate them into your next project effectively. So, what could you possibly make with batiks? Have no fear; by the end of this article, you'll know how to use batiks well.


Batiks are becoming popular amongst quilters. They provide layering to muted projects that need texture. You can utilize batiks as an applique to bring extra elements to your quilt or make borders and other accents with them because they tend to fray less than other fabrics.


Making bags is always a fun project, and using batiks to create them is perfect! Whether you choose to use a single fabric or several pieces you have lying around, these materials provide color and excitement to your new accessories. Remember to bind them with a lining fabric to give stability to your bag.


From bright summertime dresses and skirts to light, comfortable tops, you can create beautiful casual clothing pieces to add to your wardrobe. Some of the most striking garments use batiks since they're soft and flowy. Did we mention that you can also create scarves and sarongs with them?

Table Runners

Is your dining room table looking a bit bland? Why not use batik fabric to create the perfect table runner? Remember that you can use a solid pattern or stitch together various batik patterns, as with a handbag. Add appliques and borders. Then, bind them together with a lining fabric for a completed, sophisticated addition to your table.

Lamp Shades

If you have a lampshade that doesn't quite match the rest of your furniture, you can use leftover batik fabrics to upgrade it! Clip the materials you'd like to use into two- to three-inch strips and use decoupage to glue the strips onto your lampshade. Let them dry, and voila—you have yourself a vibrant lamp shade.

So, what can you possibly make with batiks? You can create as many things as you can imagine! If you’re searching for that perfect fabric, we at Lindley General Store can help! We have a selection of tools and batiks in Canada that are sure to inspire you. Feel free to browse our webpage today!