What You Need To Know Before You Start Crocheting

What You Need To Know Before You Start Crocheting

Everyone enjoys the thrill and excitement of starting a new hobby! With crocheting, you are walking into a world of hooks and yarn that will lead you down a road of some fantastic and beautiful crafts. Learning techniques and shopping for materials that guide you on your latest craft venture can leave you eager for the day your expertise will show through and add to your creative knowledge. But before you grab your list of materials, here's what you need to know before you start crocheting.

Differences in Crochet Terminology Across Countries

British English and American British crocheting terminology differ in that both use the same phrases, but those phrases tend to have different meanings.

Before starting a project, remember to establish the system you'll use through conversions and check the terminology on each pattern. This will prevent crocheting crafts from turning sour from using the wrong stitches.

The Difference Between "In the Round" vs. Rows

Different pieces may require various stitching techniques. With "in the round" and row stitching, the differences are more straightforward. When crocheting in the round, expect to stitch in a spiral design.

Crocheting in rows is common in flat pieces and usually entails stitching in a line formation until you reach a certain point, then turning over the project to crochet a new row in the opposite direction.

Hook Placement

Unless a pattern specifies differently, starting hook placement will always move under both the front and back stitching loops when trying to pull a new loop through.

Keep Pulls Loose

Keeping loops loose is essential to your crochet crafts, especially when using wool. Pulling wool too tight can make stitching more challenging and can cause your fingers to cramp.

Remember that stitches should remain loose enough to insert the hook and pull through, allowing for a piece to have flexibility without losing shape.

Learn One Stitch Technique at a Time

Cute patterns can require multiple types of stitches, and before diving into a project, you'll want to learn and master these techniques. Learning numerous crochet techniques in one sitting can be overwhelming to some and cause a project to appear more challenging than it is.

Your Previous Sewing Expertise Will Prove Helpful

Your sewing skills will be convenient when learning to crochet! Learning new techniques will build upon the basic sewing foundation that you've already established.

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