Northcott Stonehenge Gradations Quilt Fabric


      At Lindley General Store, our Stonehenge Gradations fabric gives your quilt a smokey, natural feel that accents your bold patterns. Our Northcott Stonehenge fabric comes in a variety of colors, such as Amethyst, Iron Ore, Mystic Twilight, Rainforest, and so much more. Our Northcott Stonehenge Gradations fabric creates a mystic, marble-esque texture with color depth, making for a beautiful stone feel. You can choose Gradation fabric by the half yard and try different colors that work for your quilt project. Our beautiful Stonehenge collection by Northcott will impress anyone who sees your finished quilt. Browse our Stonehenge Gradations fabric today for your next quilt.

      by Linda Ludovico for Northcott

      Please Read Carefully:

      All yardage is sold in ½ yard increments. 
      Example: if you want 1½ yards, select Qty 3.

      This DOESN'T mean that your fabric will come in 3 half-yard pieces. 
      It will come as one continuous 1½-yard piece.