3 DIY Gift Ideas You Can Finish in Time for the Holidays

3 DIY Gift Ideas You Can Finish in Time for the Holidays

While we’re only just getting into fall, the holidays will be on us before we know it. There are lots of important things to do during the holidays, but buying and making presents for our loved ones is probably at the top of the list. And watching our loved ones open those presents makes all the hard work worth it. If you’re struggling to come up with gift ideas to make for your loved ones this year, we can help. Keep reading to learn about 3 DIY gift ideas you can finish in time for the holidays.

Photo Quilt

Quilts make special keepsakes, but including memorable pictures in them takes them to a whole new level. Making a photo quilt follows the same process as any other type of quilt, except that you’ll need to print your photos onto printable fabric as part of the assembling process.

Choose pictures that match the size of the squares you want to use in the quilt and stick with black and white versions. Trying to print in color on printable fabric doesn’t always work well. This quilt can be as big or as small as you want, and you can incorporate as many pictures as you want too.

Wine Bottle Holders

There’s nothing like surprising someone with their favorite bottle of wine during the holidays. Take the surprise to the next level by knitting a custom wine bottle holder that looks like a sweater. You can follow roughly the same pattern as knitting the sleeve of a sweater or even do a bit of recycling and cut the sleeve off an old sweater to use. Just make sure that the sleeve will fit around the desired wine bottle before making that big cut.

You can choose something small that can wrap around part of the bottle or sew a bottom on so that the bottle can sit up inside the holder. If the top is too large around the neck of the bottle, just tie It with a holiday ribbon, and you’re good to go.

Scented Eye Pillows

Help your loved ones feel like they’re escaping to a spa with this lovely gift. Choose any fabric you want, although linen often works best for allowing the scent you choose to filter through. Sew a miniature pillow that’s roughly 5 x 11 inches, although you can make them slightly bigger or smaller depending on the intended recipient.

Instead of stuffing the pillow with fluffy stuffing, fill them with a dried herb of your choice. Many people choose lavender for its calming properties, but chamomile and rosemary are other great options. Sew the pillow shut and gift it to your friend who needs some extra relaxation in their life.

Our 3 DIY gift ideas you can finish in time for the holidays are a photo quilt, wine bottle holders, and scented eye pillows. If you’re shopping for fabric in Canada for these projects or need other creative supplies, Lindley General Store is happy to help.