3 Steps To Ensure Your Quilt Will Last for Years

3 Steps To Ensure Your Quilt Will Last for Years

Quilts are beautiful, intricate pieces that capture the essence of time during their creation. Every stitch is a tiny, integral part of a larger story for future generations to discover and appreciate. Unfortunately, these stunning crafts can suffer if you don’t store them correctly. Here are three steps to ensure your quilt will last for years after its completion.

Keep Quilts Away From the Light

Colorful fabric and vibrant patterns have exciting ways of commanding attention. Sadly, the attention can dissipate, as rich hues fade when exposed to light over long periods. Light damage is irreversible, but avoiding showcasing finished crafts in direct sunlight helps. If displaying your finished projects is still your intent, remember to rotate your quilts every couple of months. Storing and bringing out different quilts allows you to minimize light exposure and show off your intricate textiles.

Fold Gently To Avoid Creases

Nothing distracts from a stunning quilt like creases running throughout the piece. Remember to keep no more than two quilts in the same box when storing them. Too many quilts in one storage container can create weight, contributing to creases. You can mitigate the risk by placing unbuffered, acid-free tissues in between the quilt folds to create gentle curves instead of sharp folds. You’ll want to remove the textiles from storage twice a year and refold them differently so that creasing doesn’t occur along the same folds.

Avoid Cedar Chests

It’s best to avoid wood entirely when you’re storing fabrics and textiles. Wood contains oils and chemicals that are highly harmful to quilts. These chemicals can discolor materials and damage fibers. Instead, consider storing your crafts in acid-free boxes to avoid cutting off air circulation and accelerating decomposition.

A significant amount of quilt history is lost through time due to a lack of preservation and documentation. Fortunately, there are several ways to store your marvelous quilted makes. Following these steps can ensure your quilt will last for years and preserve its significance.

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