5 Must-Have Quilting Tools To Get the Job Done Right

5 Must-Have Quilting Tools To Get the Job Done Right

As you delve into quilting, you’ll come to learn that there are must-have tools to get the job done right, and there’s equipment that can leave your crafts in shambles. Luckily, the list is shorter and more specific when it comes to the essentials. Here are a few quilting staples you'll need to introduce to your crafting kit to make processes easier.


Whether you choose to stitch a quilt together by hand or use a machine, one thing is sure—you'll need needles to accomplish the task. Both hand needles and their machine counterparts come in various strengths and sizes, so you'll need to determine the best fit before starting your project. Fortunately, needles come in packages that have components of different sizes.

Cutting Mat

Cutting mats are crucial to have since they provide a flat area to work on and protect your tables and surfaces when you are cutting your fabric. These mats often include grid lines and rulers so that you can accurately measure material.

Rotary Cutter

An alternative to shears, rotary cutters are specialty blades that make the cutting process quicker. These tools are available in different sizes and types to offer varying benefits to your crafts. Remember to read how to properly use rotary cutters, as their blades are responsible for many miscuts and injuries.

Fabric and Batting

Of course, you can’t make a quilt without fabric! Different fabric types work better with various projects, so researching beforehand will ensure that your project looks its best. Cotton is the most common material that quilters work with; you’ll also need batting to pad quilts for a full, lush look.

Seam Ripper

Even experienced quilters make mistakes during their crafts. At some point, you’ll need to rip out the seams in a developing project due to an error or to start fresh. While you can undoubtedly use alternatives like knives, scissors, and razors, seam rippers are the best option to remove stitches safely.

Taking on newer hobbies can be intimidating when finding all the essential gadgets you need to get started. However, as you become familiar with the ins and outs of sewing and stitching, you’ll realize that there are five must-have quilting tools to get the job done right.

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