4 Different Ways To Add a Little Lace to a Craft Project

4 Different Ways To Add a Little Lace to a Craft Project

Crafts projects are a fun way to make something new and get creative. While different craft projects call for various supplies, few of them call for lace. Lace is a beautiful, fun fabric to work with, though. If you want to add a little lace to a craft project, we can help you learn how. Keep reading to learn about four different ways you can add lace the next time you get creative.

Lace Cuffs

If your next craft project involves sewing, you can easily add some lace. Lace makes a beautiful addition to the edges of garments, such as on collars or cuffs. You can specifically add lace to your next pants or shorts project as cuffs at the bottom. Cut a strip of lace as wide as you want the cuff and sew it around the hem of the pants or shorts. You’ll need to sew the top of the lace into the pants as well to keep the lace from falling inside out over the hem.

Lace Earring Holder

Many craft projects create useful household items, such as earring holders. Earrings are small and easy to lose, so it makes sense that you want something to hold them and don’t want to pay the high price of a store-bought one. You can make one instead with an empty picture frame and lace. Stretch the lace tight across the back of the frame and staple or glue it into place. You can then hang your earrings through the holes in the lace.

Lace Bookmarks

Another household item that everyone needs is bookmarks. Whether you need to hold your place in a recipe magazine or you’re an avid reader, bookmarks come in handy. While you can make a bookmark using just lace, they’re often thin and flimsy. Choose a sturdier fabric, such as denim, for the main part of the bookmark, and then sew lace on top of it. You can sew lace just on one end or cover the entire bookmark; it’s entirely up to you.

Lace Patterns

Sometimes lace looks great, but it’s not practical to add it to a particular craft, such as a painting. However, you can still use lace to create a lace impression or pattern. Pin the lace around the edge of your canvas and paint a thin coat on top of it. Remove the lace once the paint is partially dry, and you’ll reveal a beautiful lace pattern underneath.

There are many different ways to add a little lace to a craft project. Regardless of what kind of craft project you’re working on or what lace you need, Lindley General Store can help. Our online general store in Canada offers various crafting and sewing supplies that will help you get creative.