6 Popular Needlecraft Trends You Should Try in 2023

6 Popular Needlecraft Trends You Should Try in 2023

During the pandemic, many people learned fun, useful hobbies that would keep them busy at home. While we’re starting to move past the pandemic, the desire to learn these hobbies has continued. Different kinds of needlecraft have especially grown in popularity, as they’re both useful and creative. Learn about some popular needlecraft trends you should try in 2023 if you want to get creative and make something useful too.


You’ve probably seen macrame work before, even if you didn’t know its official name. Macrame is a textile weaving and knotting process using cords made of thick cotton twine or yarn. Most macrame makers create generic shapes such as stars and circles, but you can use the macrame knotting style to create almost anything—from wall hangings to dream catchers.

To get started, you’ll need the cord, measuring tape, and scissors. If you plan to hang up your macrame creation or want to create a specific shape, you may need a rod or frame to guide your knotting as you go. However, if you start with a simple design and use yarn that has a bit of stretch to it, you should be able to make your design without extra guidance. Measure out how much yarn you’ll need, cut it to the appropriate length, and then start knotting!


If you want to create something a little more delicate than macrame, then you should consider learning how to crochet. Crochet requires a thinner yarn than macrame to create more intricate products, such as scarves. There are many kinds of crochet stitches you’ll need to learn before you can make anything complicated, but many people enjoy this creative pastime no matter what they’re making.

To get started, you’ll need yarn, a crochet hook, scissors, and a pattern to follow. If possible, sit down with a teacher or find instructional videos online to get started. A teacher or instructional video should start you on simple stitches—such as making chains—before you move up to the pattern you want to try. With time, you’ll be crocheting shirts and beanies with the best of them!


Knitting is a lot like crocheting, except you use two needles instead of one to create your product. You’ll create stitches by looping yarn together into a pattern with your needles, forming rows on top of rows until you’ve finished. You can use various yarn and needle sizes—as well as different types of stitches—to create whatever you want, from curtains to a sweater.

To knit, you’ll need yarn, needles, measuring tape, scissors, and a pattern. Like crochet, you’ll want to start learning from a teacher or instructional videos so you can learn exactly how to move your needles. Many people struggle trying to use both hands, since only one hand is dominant, so watching someone else do it first is helpful. Once you’ve learned some basic stitches, you can follow a pattern to finish a project.


2023 will start in blistering January, which will keep most of us inside, trying to stay warm by piling on extra blankets and quilts. This upcoming January, learn how to make your own quilts!

Unlike macrame, crocheting, and knitting, you don’t weave threads or yarn together to make a quilt. Quilting is stitching several layers of fabric together to create a padded surface—typically a blanket. Many people start quilting by hand stitching fabric scraps. The better you and your designs get, you may want to start learning how to quilt with a machine. Some quilters use a combination of machine and hand stitching. This allows them to create neat edges with a machine while also allowing them to hand sew details throughout.

Since quilting isn’t as complicated as the other needlecraft hobbies we’ve mentioned, you might be able to start on your own. Historically, though, quilting has been an opportunity for people to come and work together. Try to join a local quilters group or watch quilting videos to get a better grasp of the history of quilting and hone your skills.


Surprisingly, tatting doesn’t refer to tattooing! Tatting is a type of handmade lace featuring knots and loops like you’d typically see around the edge of a tablecloth or a dress collar. This kind of lace is extremely durable even though it is principally decorative, which is why we see it in home goods and clothing products.

Tatting supplies include tatting needles or shuttles, thin thread, tatting patterns, and embroidery scissors. While anyone can learn to tat with the right instruction, it is a complex art. It’s very detail-oriented and will require a lot of practice to develop the necessary skills to make something beautiful and useful.


Perhaps the most basic needlecraft trend is sewing. Hobbyists often opt for knitting or crocheting over sewing, but knowing how to sew is a basic skill that is useful in learning other needlecraft, such as quilting and tatting. Sewing is the basic skill that helps us learn how to use needle and thread to stitch fabric together. If you’ve never tried any kind of needlecraft before, then you may want to start with sewing instead of one of the more advanced hobbies.

To start sewing, you’ll need to decide whether you want to sew by hand or with a machine. Many people start by hand to get a better feel for this hobby before progressing to a machine. You’ll need needles, thread, scissors, measuring tape, fabric, pins, and a pattern. You can start learning how to stitch without a pattern by simply making lines or sewing buttons onto spare fabric with a teacher or video guide. Eventually, you can sew something more intricate with the aid of a pattern.

These six popular needlecraft trends give you an opportunity to express yourself in 2023. While you should try all of them until you find the hobby you like, give yourself plenty of patience. Eventually, you’ll find the best hobby for you, whether it’s one of these needlecraft ones or another one entirely. If you need any supplies to get started, Lindley General Store is an online fabric store in Canada that can meet all your needs. Browse our selection today!

6 Popular Needlecraft Trends You Should Try in 2023