4 Thoughtful Baby Gift Ideas You Can Make Yourself

4 Thoughtful Baby Gift Ideas You Can Make Yourself

Many people love babies. They light up any room with their little giggles and inspire so much joy in anyone who gets to be part of their lives. If you’re going to a baby shower or a party for a new baby and need gift ideas, we can help. The following four thoughtful gifts are items that you can make yourself to show the baby and their family how much you care.

Soft Blocks

Babies need visually appealing toys that can help them develop skills. Soft blocks are one type of toy that enables them safely do that. You can make soft blocks with six squares of fabric and soft stuffing. Lay out the squares in a lower-case T position and sew them together. Sew all the sides together into a cube shape until you have one seam left. Then, add the stuffing. Sew up the last seam, and your gift is ready!

Mini Diaper Bag

Anyone who spends time around a baby knows that they should always have a diaper on hand. If the child’s caregiver doesn’t want to haul a whole diaper bag around, you can make them a miniature diaper clutch instead. You’ll need fabric roughly 12.5 inches wide and 18 inches long; a bag with these dimensions should fit the average size of diapers and prepackaged wipes. You can make the bag bigger or smaller as necessary. Sew bias tape across the bottom to create a clean edge. Then, fold your fabric into a clutch, leaving some fabric at the top as a flap. Sew the sides shut using bias tape.

Burp Cloths

Another product that babies and their caregivers use a lot is burp cloths. You can make beautiful burp cloths that look like miniature quilts by using up any fabric scraps you have lying around, or you can make them using only one piece of fabric. Choose a durable, absorbent fabric that’s machine washable so that the baby’s caregivers can easily use and clean them. Standard burp cloths are 10 inches wide and 15 inches long, but you can make yours slightly smaller or bigger if you think the users will appreciate a custom size.

Homemade Quilt

The most iconic handmade gift for a baby is a handmade quilt. You can make a smaller crib quilt, but then the child won’t be able to use it as they grow up. Consider making a larger quilt, such as a throw or twin-sized quilt, so that you can watch the little bundle of joy grow into it. If you’ve never made a quilt before or don’t have enough fabric for a quilt, that’s okay. Buying a quilting kit in your desired design and size enables you to easily make a gift for the baby that will last their entire life.

You can make these four thoughtful baby gift ideas yourself and give the baby and their family fun, useful items they’ll love, including something the baby can grow up with. If you’re looking for quilting kits in Canada to make something for a new baby or another occasion, Lindley General Store can help. Our quilting kits come in various designs and sizes so that you can always find what you’re looking for.