6 of the Latest Quilting Trends to Try in 2023

6 of the Latest Quilting Trends to Try in 2023

All fields have trends that come and go, including creative fields such as quilting. While some people may roll their eyes at these constant changes, trying the latest 2023 quilting trends is a great way to challenge yourself and try something new. We’ve described six of these trends for you so you can decide which trends you want to try out.

Digital Designs

Like trends, technology is always changing. Most of the time, those changes make the world better and life easier. While you may already have a good quilting process that doesn’t require technological aid, it never hurts to consider making a positive change. Many people are doing so, especially when it comes to the design part of the quilting process.

Crafting digital designs instead of paper ones can help you make more accurate designs and can help the environment. They’ll help you stay calm while drawing complicated designs and save you from wasting paper re-drawing designs that don’t work the first time. If you prefer to start on paper and then transfer to technology, you can. Graph out your initial design and then scan it onto your computer, where you can digitize and adjust the design as needed.

Shades of Red

Paint companies create and predict their color of the year every year. They expect these colors to show up in home design trends and elsewhere, including in household products such as quilts. While each company has its own reasoning for declaring or producing a particular color of the year, these various colors often have similar features that point to a particular trend for the year.

For 2023, many of the colors of the year are in shades of red. All shades of red seem to capture this trend, from Pantone’s bright, pinkish-red Viva Magenta to the red undertones of Dutch Boy’s Rustic Greige. While you probably can’t find these exact colors for the fabrics of your quilt, you and others can take inspiration from all these shades of red to craft beautiful, trendy quilts. Don’t worry about making an overwhelming red quilt! Behr, Minwax, and other brands have all picked neutral colors, such as shades of white and brown, for their color of the year. You can incorporate these other trendy colors into your red quilt for a perfect, trendy balance.

Sustainable Scrap Quilting

Before you go out and buy the most beautiful red-toned fabric you can, consider jumping on another 2023 quilting trend: sustainable scrap quilting. The name gives this trend away. Sustainable scrap quilting is all about reducing quilting waste by using the fabric scraps you already have for your project instead of buying new fabric.

If you don’t have enough scraps to participate in this trend, that’s okay. You can also get more sustainable by upcycling the fabric from items which you no longer use, such as old baby blankets or clothes that don’t fit. Use your sewing skills to turn these items into something new that you can use, or at least take them apart and add the fabric to your scrap pile for a later project.

Quilt Kits

Quilting itself is a popular needlecraft trend you should try in 2023, but if you’re already an experienced quilter, you may not know how to fully participate in needlecraft trends. One way is to change how you source your materials. Quilt kits are growing in popularity, and they typically include all the fabric you need for a project, including matching designs and patterns. There are all levels of quilt kits on the market, which means anyone can use one regardless of their skill level.

You can find quilt kits specifically designed for your skill level, whether you’re worried about being a novice or too experienced to partake in the quilting trend. Quilt kits also come in various designs, from pictorial to geometric, so you can easily find a project that will excite you. It’s also easy to travel with quilt kits, so you can still partake in this trend if you’re currently exploring the country in a van or living as a digital nomad.

Slow Quilting

Many parts of the world are now racing ahead since they were forced to grind to a stop during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, that race can also feel as frustrating and confusing as that forced stop. Many people are trying to embrace a slower pace of life that’s quicker than the pandemic lifestyle, yet still slower than the current fast pace of the world. They’re applying this slow pace to many facets of their life, including creative hobbies such as quilting.

Unless there’s an external deadline on your quilt, such as a birthday when you want to gift this quilt to a person, there’s no reason to rush your quilting process. From selecting your fabric to making your stitches, slowing down your entire process is a great way to relax and embrace a slower type of life. While you may feel frustrated in the beginning or feel anxious to get to the next step of your process, practice makes perfect. Practice slowing down and enjoying each step instead of worrying about the next one, and you’ll learn to enjoy the process of this trend.

Patchwork Quilting

There are various types of quilting designs, and some people prefer one over the other. However, many prefer the traditional patchwork quilting designs for their blankets and other quilted items, such as clothes. Many patchwork projects don’t match or hold to a specific pattern, which makes the pieces more visually appealing. If someone wants something totally unique, either for clothes or as a bedspread, then patchwork is often the best solution.

You can use random scraps to assemble a patchwork quilt or buy fabric with a patchwork quilt in mind. There are few rules to patchwork, which is another reason why it’s so popular. You can even tie this trend into the first trend we mentioned, designing your patchwork project digitally to make sure that it will look good before you start.

The latest quilting trends involve changes to the quilting process, as well as the colors you can use. Whether you want to try any of these trends in 2023 is up to you, but doing so is a great way to challenge yourself and grow your quilting skills. If you need materials to grow those skills, you can buy fabric online in Canada through Lindley General Store. We have a great fabric selection that will help inspire your next project.

6 of the Latest Quilting Trends to Try in 2023