5 Tips for Shopping for Quilting Fabric Online

5 Tips for Shopping for Quilting Fabric Online

Fabric doesn’t last forever. Eventually, we must shop to replace it. Many people find fabric shopping overwhelming, especially online. It’s hard to find fabric you love when you can’t touch it or examine it without a digital screen. However, there are some tips for shopping for quilting fabric online that can help you overcome this difficulty.

Shop Small

When you first start shopping online for fabric, you’ll see lots of store options. Larger chain fabric stores often appear first in searches and offer cheaper fabric. However, this cheaper fabric is often lower quality. We suggest shopping at small businesses instead. Most of the time, they provide higher quality fabric and better customer service.

Monitor Online Presence

One way to determine whether a small business is doing well is to check their online presence. If they update their website with blogs or videos frequently, that’s a sign that they care about their products and customers. Look for an active online presence when searching for a small online business.

Start With Familiar Fabrics

Once you’ve found an online business you like, you can start perusing fabrics. Order a familiar fabric first. You’ll find it easier to examine the quality of fabric you’re familiar with instead of unfamiliar ones. If it’s up to your standards, then you know you can trust this store with other fabric orders.

Know Your Measurements

Different online stores will sell fabric in different measurements. We sell most of our fabric by ½ yards, but other stores may sell it differently. Know how much you need for your project and how that translates to order measurements. Otherwise, you may end up with too much or not enough.

Look for Sales

All fabric stores, whether in person or online, run sales. Look for these sales so that you can buy fabric you love at a fraction of the cost. This is often your last chance to purchase these fabrics, so grab them while you can. Just remember that even though they’re on sale, shipping will probably cost the same as it would for full-price fabric.

These five tips for shopping for quilting fabric online will help you find a trustworthy store and buy the fabric you need. Lindley General Store is an online fabric store in Ontario that offers high-quality products at fair prices. Explore our collections now to find what you need for your next project.