What’s Included in a Quilting Kit? Here Are the Basics

What’s Included in a Quilting Kit? Here Are the Basics

Quilting is an ancient artwork that we still use to express ourselves and create practical home goods. While many are interested in this art form, starting a quilt can feel intimidating. Even experienced quilters often struggle with time management when making a quilt.

Quilting kits can make it easier to start a quilting project for the first time or quickly practice your quilting skills. Here are the basics of what’s included in a quilting kit.

Project Pattern

A pattern is the written instructions that guide you through a specific quilt project. While you can find free patterns online or buy books of patterns, many struggle to choose one out of several options. Buying a quilting kit with an included pattern narrows your options and allows you to focus more on the project itself instead of the decision-making.

Quilt Top Fabric

Most quilts include three layers: the top fabric, batting, and quilt back. The top fabric is one of the most important parts of the quilt since it features the quilt design. Therefore, quilting kits include them.

Batting is optional, depending on the quilt project. For example, summer quilts or quilted placemats do not need batting while winter quilts and quilted pillows often do. Since batting is optional, most kits do not include it.

The quilt back holds the batting in place and provides an extra layer to a quilt project. Most quilting projects require batting, but the appearance of the back doesn’t matter as much as the top. This preference is because the back is unseen. Therefore, most quilting kits do not include back fabric.

Binding Edges

Lastly, almost all quilting kits include binding since it is an important part of the quilt. Binding acts as the edges of the top fabric of a quilt. These edges are important since they keep the top and back fabric together. Many times, the binding also frames the design on the quilt top.

Patterns, top fabric, and binding are the basics of what’s included in a quilting kit. Most of the time, you will need to supply batting, the back fabric, and various supplies such as needles and thread. Lindley General Store offers a great selection if you want to buy a Canadian quilt kit online. We want to help quilters of all experience levels embrace this art form.