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Stitch Meditation: Sewing Your Way to Inner Peace
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Introducing our Sister Business
We've been working on something for a while now. Meet our sister business, Meaford Pattern Press! You've probably seen our previous patterns, In Flight and Giving Treats Bag. We wanted to have a separate, pattern-only name to put them and future...
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Introducing our Merch Shop
It's Official! In case you missed our email on Saturday, we've decided to open a little Merch shop with our own quilt-inspired designs. There are 4 designs with total of 6 products. There's the beloved Double Wedding Ring inspired print...
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From the Fates to Today: How Sewing Has Shaped Our Lives
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Knitting Needle Conversion Chart
Metric US Sizes UK Sizes Crochet Hooks 2.00 mm 0 14 2.25 mm 0 13 B 2.50 mm 1 - 2.75 mm 2 12 3.00 mm 2 11 3.25 mm 3 10 3.50 mm 4 - E 3.75 mm 5...
3 Unusual Batik Fabric Crafts To Spruce Up Your Home
Batiks are appealing, intricate materials used as fine additions to quilts and garments. Here are a few other unique crafts you can create using these fabrics!
How Colorful Quilting Fabrics Are Produced
Before they reach your hands for use in fabulous projects, quilting fabrics undergo manufacturing processes involving spinning, threading, and dying.