What Is Amigurumi? Learn More About Crocheting Stuffed Toys

What Is Amigurumi? Learn More About Crocheting Stuffed Toys

Crochet is a versatile creative outlet, allowing creators to make anything from daisy chain blouses to toys. While there’s not a specific word for crocheted toys in American culture, a popular form of crocheted toys known as amigurumi is common in Japan. These adorable, distinctive creations are taking the world by storm thanks to social media. If you want to learn what amigurumi is and explore more about crocheting stuffed toys, continue reading.

What Is Amigurumi?

Amigurumi is a distinctive type of crocheted stuffed toy. They are often stitched in a spiral pattern and are given features like small eyes and button noses. The word amigurumi is a combination of two Japanese words: ami, meaning crochet or knit, and kurumi/nuigurumi, meaning wrapping or sewn/stuffed doll. However, amigurumi aren’t always dolls. You can find amigurumi stuffed animals, play food, and other types of toys.

What Supplies Do You Need To Make One?

Creating amigurumi or any kind of crocheted stuffed toy requires a specific set of supplies. You need yarn, an appropriately sized crochet hook, and stuffing. If you’re planning for your amigurumi to function as a toy that someone plays with, consider cotton yarn and stuffing or another soft material. If you’re creating a toy for display purposes, you can choose any yarn and stuffing you’d like. If you want your amigurumi to be posed on a shelf, consider using pipe cleaners or wires as well.

How Much Experience Do You Need To Start?

If you want your amigurumi to compare with the ones you see on the internet, you need to have a lot of crocheting experience and be at an expert level. Classic amigurumi require small stitches with small yarn and a small hook, which many beginners and even intermediate crocheters aren’t comfortable using. Depending on the size and shape of the stuffed toy you’re making, you may also need to do detailed shaping and finishing, which many intermediate crafters are still learning. Most beginners don’t know how to do basic shaping and finishing, which means detailed skills are out of the question.

If you are a beginner or intermediate crocheter and want to make amigurumi, you can get hands-on lessons from someone more experienced, or you can buy one until you’re ready to make your own. There’s no shame in waiting until you’re ready to make this incredibly detailed toy.

Now that you know more about crocheting stuffed toys and the specific toy style known as amigurumi, you can buy the supplies you need to get started. Lindley General Store offers the various crochet tools and accessories you need to make your own amigurumi or practice crocheting until you’re ready to make toys.