Tips for Choosing the Best Scissors for Quilting

Tips for Choosing the Best Scissors for Quilting

Many people think that the most important parts of quilting are patterns, fabric, and thread. While these are the basics of any quilting project, they are not the only important parts. Quilting tools also play an important role in creating a quilt. For example, the right pair of scissors can make your project easier or harder. The following tips for choosing the best scissors for quilting can help you buy the best pair for your needs.

Consider Your Project

Choosing from a range of potential scissors options can feel overwhelming, but you can use your project to narrow down the options. If this is a big quilting project, such as a blanket, then you’ll probably need bigger scissors that can handle lots of fabric. Ten-inch dressmaking shears are often the best choice in these scenarios. In comparison, smaller quilting projects can use smaller scissors, such as 5-inch quilting scissors.

Consider Your Fabric

The fabric you use for your project will also guide you toward the right pair of scissors. Thicker fabric like wool requires stronger, larger scissors. Conversely, thinner fabric like lace applique only needs smaller embroidery or precision applique scissors.

If your project contains multiple types of fabrics, you will likely need to invest in multiple types of scissors. However, quilting scissors are best if you want to start with a singular pair.

Consider Your Dominate Hand

Your scissors also need to work well for your body. If you are left handed, you should invest in left-handed scissors. Left-handed scissors will make the quilting process much more comfortable for you. If you can’t find the scissors you need in a left-handed option, look for ones with large handles that won’t rub against your hand and fingers.

Consider Your Price Range

Buying supplies for a new hobby can quickly break the bank. If you’re on a tight budget, then you need to keep your price range in mind while shopping. Spend your money wisely on versatile scissors, such as all-purpose or sewing scissors. When you have more money for more supplies, you can buy scissors that perform singular jobs, such as curved embroidery scissors.

Choosing the best scissors for quilting comes down to the project, fabric, comfort, and price. Following these tips can make your decision easier. To make this process even more seamless, you can find everything you need at Lindley General Store. We offer quilting tools and accessories in Canada, including a range of scissor options. Browse our selection of quilting supplies today!