Quilting Materials: What Is Most Popular for Blankets?

Quilting Materials: What Is Most Popular for Blankets?

You can use quilting techniques to make various household items, from pillows to kitchen towels. The most popular household items to quilt are blankets, commonly called quilts. You can find quilts and make quilts from many different materials, but some are better and more popular than others. So what are the most popular quilting materials for blankets, and are they the best options? Keep reading to learn more.

Quilter’s Weight Cotton

With the word “quilt” in the name, it’s no surprise that quilter’s weight cotton is the most popular quilting material for blankets. Its popularity and position as the best quilting material doesn’t just come from the name either. Quilter’s weight cotton is thicker, stiffer, and more durable than traditional apparel cotton, so it doesn’t stretch or shrink as badly and is easy to cut. While all types of cotton tend to shrink some, high-quality quilter’s weight cotton has minimal shrinkage and shouldn’t shrink at all after prewashing.


Voile is a lightweight cotton, although it’s sometimes a cotton blend that’s silky and semi-transparent. While the soft, satiny texture is more difficult to quilt with than the heavier cotton we describe above, it’s a great choice for summer quilts and quilted clothing. Some quilters use a combination of voile and quilter’s weight cotton so that their quilt is lightweight but structured. Whether you mix it with other materials or use voile on its own, it’s a great fabric choice and will look beautiful hanging up or on a bed.


Cotton and wool flannel are both popular choices for blanket quilts. Some quilters struggle to sew with flannel because it has a loose weave, but if you prepare the fabric ahead of time, you shouldn’t have any problems. Most people use cotton flannel because it’s softer and easier to find in stores, but wool flannel is still a popular choice since it resists mold and mildew. Flannel is best for winter quilts since the air pockets in the loose weave help trap body heat, which keeps the user warm.

Quilter’s weight cotton, voile, and flannel are the most popular quilting materials for blankets, although you can use a combination of the three or experiment with other materials as well. If you’re looking for a Canadian quilt shop that offers various quilting materials and accessories, Lindley General Store can help. Our quilt shop provides everything from quilting books to needles, so you can find your necessary supplies and start your next project with success.