9 Reasons to Start Crafting More: Learn Something New

9 Reasons to Start Crafting More Learn Something New

You’re never too old to start learning. Whether it’s a sport, instrument, language, craft, or degree, the list amazing things you can learn is endless. Often, delving into these new areas can add a layer of confidence and versatility to your life that you never knew you were craving. Unfortunately, however, many individuals think about doing these things and never actually start them. Some may believe it’s too late for them or they’re too busy—these excuses can end up limiting you from finding a true passion in your life.

The truth is, it’s never too late to learn something new. There are plenty of mature individuals who pick up a new hobby and excel at it. For example, some individuals will begin running marathons, go back to school to pursue a medical degree, and even learn ballet in their 60’s and later! It’s never too late to start a hobby, activity, or education that could end up shifting your life for the better.

Here at Lindley General Store, we believe that crafting can change your life in an incredible way—from health to financial benefits, there are so many reasons to start crafting more. Keep reading to learn just how beneficial it can be to get started on that hobby you’ve been putting off—you won’t regret it!

Why You Should Consider Crafting  

Crafting is…

  • Easy to start

Unlike some hobbies and adventures, such as pursuing an education or horseback riding, crafting is pretty easy to start. You can begin with something as simple as with washi tape crafts and work your way up to intricate quilts. Depending on what you choose to start with, the list of necessary items will vary. However, you’ll be able to use many of the tools you acquire overtime on various projects. All you need to do is pick your craft and you’ll be ready to go!

  • Therapeutic

This is the main health benefit of crafting and tends to be the sole reason why people pick up the hobby in the first place. Crafting offers an easy way to wind down from the stress of a long day. They call it “crafter’s high,” where you’re in a meditative state that occurs once you’re truly immersed in the craft. This meditative zone can help you feel utterly relaxed and ease any tensions that procured throughout the day.

  • The Perfect Gift

If you’ve ever struggled to come up with a gift for loved ones, worry no longer! Crafting is the gift that keeps on giving. It’s personal, heartfelt, and tends to be something that people remember for years to come. Perfect for birthdays and holidays, something crafted by you with someone else in mind is sure to get watery eyes and tight hugs.

  • Eco-friendly

A lot of things that you may throw away or put in the recycling could end up becoming a masterpiece. Empty food containers could turn into gorgeous pencil holders and old newspapers become papier-mâché works of art. All you need is a little imagination to turn something into a one-of-a-kind recycled treasure.

  • An Easy Way to Decorate

Like we stated above, crafting is the gift that keeps on giving, and it’s a great gift for yourself. Once you decide to start crafting, you’ll realize that you’ll never have to buy decorations again. You’ll be able to create your own wall-art, make your own blanket, or any other decoration that you so choose. The more you practice, the easier it will be to create items that you decide you need!

  • Transformative

This is one of our favorite reasons as to why an individual should start crafting. Crafting not only helps you become more sociable (there are tons of clubs and societies you can join) but it also encourages the self-transformation process. With this hobby, you can learn new things faster and, in turn, improve other hobbies and activities in your life as well. For example, a small number of crafters only engage in one craft, but “39% participate in 2–4 and 45% are involved in 5 or more creative hobbies.” They’re able to engage in so many hobbies because crafting provides flexibility to many aspects of your life.

  • Fulfilling

Crafting provides a lot of hobbyists with instant gratification. Where things might not be going well in other areas of your life, crafts offer a sense of completion—you can begin your project it, follow through with it, and end up creating something beautiful from scratch. This can be incredibly beneficial for those who are feeling lost or are lacking confidence. Finishing a craft is incredibly fulfilling and gives many people a sense of empowerment that they’re able to carry with them every day.

  • Lucrative

Another reason that people tend to start crafting is to earn extra funds. Once you become quite good at a craft—or many crafts—you could consider starting your own business. A lot of people use platforms such as Etsy to get their work out there and receive money in return. It can be a side hustle or turn into your fulltime job; whichever you decide, this business endeavor is a great way to take advantage of crafting’s personal and financial benefits.

  • Good for Your Mental Health

Finally, crafting does wonders for your mental health. It puts you in a simple, reflective mindset—you’ll be able to see a craft in its entirety and determine various ways to approach the project. If you find yourself constantly stressed or lacking motivation, crafting can give you the kickstart you need to take control of your life and your abilities. For example, if you tend to fidget when you’re nervous or anxious, needlework is an excellent way to do something productive with your hands that will simultaneously soothe your stressors.


If you’ve decided that it’s time to start something new, we hope you turn to Lindley General Store for all of your crafting needs. Whether it’s Canada tatting needles, quilting fabric, or any other supplies, we have what you need to get your crafting career started. Remember—it’s never too late to learn something new.

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