A Few Different Types of Summer Crafting Projects

A Few Different Types of Summer Crafting Projects

As summer creeps nearer and nearer, our love for crafts grows stronger! If you’re like us and pull a lot of your creativity and ideas from the changing of the seasons, then summer is an exciting time for several reasons. Embrace the versatility you can bring to your home and craft room by trying out new projects. Here’s a brief guide to a few different types of summer crafting projects. Try them out—decorate your home with them, get the kids involved, or save the ideas for later. Read on!

Tie-Dyeing or Ice-Dyeing

If you want to add color to your fabrics or clothes, then tie- or ice-dyeing is the perfect summer day project! All you need to do is decide which item you want to dye, pick your colors, choose your dye pattern, and get started. Keep in mind—shirts aren’t the only things you can tie-dye! We love the idea of tie-dyed tablecloths, sweatpants, and totes.

Ice-dyeing is similar, but it’s more subdued. Martha Stewart has a no-fuss tutorial for some easy summer fun.


If your garden is full and you need to trim, take advantage of those recently pruned botanicals, plants, and flowers. If you’ve never sunprinted before, we have a brief tutorial below for you to read.

  • Gather up your pretty, natural objects that you want to design.
  • In a room with no ambient light, place a sheet of light-sensitive paper on a tray and arrange your natural items on the paper. Then, place a pane of glass on top of that, locking the specimen in place.
  • Take it outside in the sun for five to twenty minutes and see the silhouette appear!

Sunshine Quilt

Now, this project idea doesn’t come with a tutorial but instead asks you to delve into your creativity. Think about it—what’s your favorite part of summer? For many people, it’s the sunshine. So, why not make a quilt that embodies sunshine? Use some bright fabrics, play with your patterns, and see how you can make sunshine come to life in your quilt!

Crochet Summer Bags

Take your crochet skills with you to the beach (safely, of course) with some crochet totes! Choose a natural fiber or one that reminds you most of summertime and take them with you this warm season. Find a bag pattern that you like the best and see how you can use those in place of plastic. Maybe you could make a few and those could be the reusable bags you bring to the grocery store or the farmer’s market.

Embroidered Table Runners

Take your table runners up a notch and embroider some sweet summer designs on them. We love the idea of an embroidered starfish on your sea-themed table. You can also add some floral designs—whatever will bring you some joy and remind you of the beauty of summer. And why stop at table runners? Embroider some placements and napkins while you’re at it.

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