Basic Tools Every Beginner Crafter Needs

Basic Tools Every Beginner Crafter Needs

Crafting is a wonderful way to bring ease to your life. Most people are looking for more ways to lessen anxiety and stress during the current pandemic, and they’re turning to crafting to do so. That said, if you’re new to the crafting world, there are a few basic tools every beginner crafter needs. Though there are so many tools out there specific to any chosen craft, these are the basic ones that are useful for most crafts. Whether you’re a quilter, paper worker, jewelry maker, or a needle art lover, we’ve outlined a few tools for your craft kit below—check them out!

Curved Tip Tweezers

Your crafting world will change once you start using curved tip tweezers. Whether you use hot glue constantly and need to get those pesky threads out of the way, or if you need help positioning tiny bits of thread, you’ll end up using them more than you expected. It’s a good idea to get more than one pair—even the most organized crafter loses these every now and then.

Multiple Pairs of Scissors

Scissors are a crafter’s best friend. Whether you work with paper, yarn, or fabric, you’ll want to have multiple pairs of scissors—they’re one of the most important tools every beginner crafter needs. Honestly, you should have at least two pairs: fabric scissors and paper scissors. The more you have, and the more you use them strictly for what they’re used for, the less you’ll have to spend on sharpening. Plus, it won’t drive you mad if someone picks up your fabric scissors to cut paper.

Craft Knife

An additional option for when the scissors can’t do the trick, craft knives get down into the little spots, nooks, and crannies. It’s an essential quilting tool, especially, so make sure that every quilter in your life has their own. It’ll make getting into those sub-scissor spaces much easier and will keep you from stressing about if your lines are clean enough.

Hot Glue Gun

We talked a bit about hot glue, so of course, you’re going to need the tool that makes it! You’ll end up using it a lot more than you thought you would, so it’s better to have one on hand just in case. There are tons of different glue guns on the market, but if you’re not sure you’ll use it that often, then purchase a high-temperature glue gun that uses full-size glue sticks. These will work for most projects!

Cutting Pliers

There are some things even your just sharpened knife can’t cut through. That’s where cutting pliers come in handy. Sure, you could keep taking the ones from the toolkit in the garage, but wouldn’t it be easier to have a set of your own so you don’t need to leave your project and search for them. They’ll help you get through the tough mediums.

Self-Healing Cutting Mat

Every crafter has a tool best friend—and a self-healing cutting mat is a soulmate to many. Even if you aren’t a quilter, these are perfect for anything you need to use a craft knife for. It will keep your scrapbooking projects straight, and so much more! Self-healing means that the slices into the mat will magically repair themselves. In addition, make sure that you get a T-square or some sort of ruler to use in tandem.

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