A Quick Overview of the Basic Crochet Hook Sizes

A Quick Overview of the Basic Crochet Hook Sizes


If you are learning how to crochet, you’ve probably already learned that there are different crochet hook styles and sizes. While picking the right style is easy since it’s based on personal preference, picking the right size can be more difficult. Keep reading for a quick overview of the basic crochet hook sizes and how to pick the right one for your project.

Available Sizes

Crochet hooks are available in a range of sizes from 2 millimeters to 20mm, although you may find some that are smaller or bigger. In the US, these sizes are noted by letters or letter-number combinations; in the EU, they’re noted simply by their measurements. The Old UK sizes are listed by numbers that do not correspond to the millimeter length, with the numbers decreasing as the hooks get larger.

We list our hooks by millimeter size, with the US size in parentheses, so you’ll be able to easily locate what you need. The Old UK size is being phased out and will only be found on older patterns. Although we do not measure our hooks with this sizing, we can help your find the appropriate size for your project. Our crochet hooks come as small as 0.50mm (US #14) and as large as 15.00 mm (US P/Q).

Size Guides

There are several methods you can use to find the right crochet hook size for your project. The first involves consulting with an experienced crocheter and describing your project. If they’ve completed similar projects in the past, they may know the correct hook size for you to try.

You can also look at the yarn label or pattern. Most yarn labels have a recommendation for hook size based on the fiber content of the yarn as well as a gauge swatch that will help you work according to the recommended size. If the recommended size isn’t comfortable for you, you can always use a size larger or smaller, although you shouldn’t deviate too much, as it may affect the outcome of your project. Patterns will come with a similar recommendation, and if they don’t, you can contact the designer or someone who has used the pattern before to see what’s best.

Choosing the Right Size

The best hook size for a beginner is 5mm or a US H-8. This is a medium size that’s ideal for getting you accustomed to the rhythm of stitching. This size is great for easy projects focused on straight lines, such as scarves or blankets. Most beginner patterns will recommend this hook size.

The size and weight of your yarn will also affect which size hook you use. Lighter yarn will require a smaller hook, while thicker thread will require a larger one. This should be mentioned on the yarn label. If your pattern requires a certain sized yarn, the pattern should mention the ideal crochet hook size as well.

We hope you find this quick overview of the basic crochet hook sizes helpful as you start crocheting. Remember to look at the available sizes and follow the sizing guide to choose the right hook for your project. If you’re looking to buy crochet supplies online to start your project, look no further. Lindley General Store offers a range of crochet hook sizes as well as other necessities for a variety of creative projects; our team is happy to help you find the right supplies.