How Do Your Hang a Quilt on the Wall? 3 Techniques To Try

How Do Your Hang a Quilt on the Wall? 3 Techniques To Try

Quilting is a labor of love that produces a beautiful product. When you’re not using a quilt, you’ll probably want to display it so that you can continue to show off your hard work. There are several ways to hang up a quilt. Keep reading to learn how to hang a quilt on the wall and three techniques to try.

Quilt Hanger Clips

One of the easiest techniques for hanging your quilt on the wall is to use a quilt hanger with clips. These clip holders come in various lengths, so you can choose one that fits your quilt’s size. The top of the hanger may be in the shape of a ring or another similar form that you can easily hang on a hook on the wall. You can then clip the edges of your quilt into the clamps on the end of the hangers, similar to hanging up a pair of pants. This technique is best for smaller quilts, as larger quilts may be too heavy and sag in the middle between the clips.

Hanger Sleeves

Another popular technique for hanging quilts is sewing a hanger sleeve onto the quilt itself. By sewing this fabric tube into the back of your quilt, you’ll have space to insert a hanging rod that you can then attach to the wall. If you hand-stitch this sleeve, it shouldn’t be visible from the front of your quilt. As a result, it won’t negatively affect your display. This will also give you the opportunity to choose a simple or fancy hanging rack, whichever better fits your home décor and tastes.

A Quilt Ladder

A quilt ladder can work to display multiple quilts at once and not fuss with attaching things to walls. This technique will add warmth and texture to your room. Also, it’s slightly more functional than hanging your quilts on the wall, as it’s easier to move. You’ll also be able to easily use a quilt from this display and put it back up again, making it ideal for year-round storage. If you can’t find a quilt ladder you like, a towel rack can provide the same function.

So how do you hang a quilt on the wall? There are three techniques to try: a quilt hanger, a hanger sleeve, or a quilt ladder. While there are other ways to display your quilts, these are some of the easiest options. If you’re looking for quilting tools and supplies to create your own quilt or quilting display, then let us at Lindley General Store help you. We’re happy to assist with creative projects and help you find the right way to display your project for the world to see.