Accessories Needed To Keep Your Quilting Project Organized

Accessories Needed To Keep Your Quilting Project Organized

Much like other hobbies, quilting is an escape that can help you decompress and hone your artistic abilities to create intricate pieces that are vibrant, eye-catching, and long-lasting. However, your quilting projects require the use of so many tools that it’s easy to lose track of them if you’re not careful. But keep calm; this complied list highlights the accessories needed to keep your quilting project organized so you can continue creating beautiful quilts while keeping your workspace tidy.

Rack System

Keeping a rack system nearby containing several utility compartments is a fantastic way to divide thread, fabrics, and embellishments so that you’re not scrambling around your sewing room looking for some material. The rack system also works well for transporting your tools when traveling.

Needle Tins

Tins are helpful when storing needles, pins, and other small tools you’ll need when adding embroidery elements to your project. Some containers have a magnetic compartment inside that safely keeps needles in place to avoid poking your fingers when searching for the perfect tool.

Fabric Basket

When cutting fabric for a project, the idea of tossing the excess to the side is tempting, especially since it isn’t hurting anyone. Over time, you might find yourself sitting next to a mountain of excess material that can make your space feel cramped.

Consider adding a basket that’s accessible and large enough to store unused fabrics that you’ll have the inspiration to use in future projects.

Ruler Rest

You can keep your rulers and templates in one space with a ruler rest. A ruler rest will also have a designated slot to house any rotary cutters you might own.

Fabric Organizing Boards

A room cluttered with beautiful fabrics is an eye-sore when the fabrics are not stored correctly. Using fabric organizing boards can stash your materials and fabrics away without having to sacrifice space.

Thread Organizer

These transparent carrying cases help threads remain visible and separated for easy accessibility. You can also store bobbins, smaller cut fabrics, and embellishments for portable transport.

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