What Are the Top Tools You’ll Need To Make a Quilt?

What Are the Top Tools You’ll Need To Make a Quilt?

Whether you’re just learning how to quilt or a seasoned quilter who has already learned all the techniques, you have to have the “right stuff.” Of course, you’ll need certain supplies to make your stitched masterpieces, but what are the top tools you’ll need to make a quilt? In this article, we’ll delve into a list of essentials you’ll need to create your next project.

Rotary Cutter

A rotary cutter is vital when you’re quick-piecing your quilts and cutting fabric quickly. The most common cutter sizes have 45-millimeter and 60-millimeter blades. Keep in mind that you’ll want to have replacement blades handy to ensure smooth cutting and to preserve the life of your cutting mat.

Self-Healing Cutting Mat

Cutting mats protect surfaces from damage from your rotary cutter. However, self-healing cutting mats take it a step further by gradually reclosing scratches and marks you make over time to prolong its use.


Before you run off to buy scissors, it’s important to note that specific scissors will work better than your standard paper-cutting scissors. Fabric-cutting scissors are designed to cut through thick fabrics, so remember to keep them sharp and safely stored away.

Iron and Ironing Board

The iron and ironing board work together to press your quilting components. If you don’t currently have an iron, consider finding a weighty one, as a heavier iron is more efficient at pressing fabrics together. When you’re searching for an ironing board, consider one specially designed for quilting. However, if you already own a regular iron and ironing board, don’t toss them out—they’ll complete the job just as well.

Sewing Machine

A sewing machine is handy when you want to save time. Unless you prefer to hand-sew, a basic sewing machine is perfect for providing the basic stitching that’s standard in most quilts.

Needles, Pins, and Clips

These tools are small, but their significance is mighty! Pins keep your fabric pieces secure while you’re sewing, while clips aid in the binding process. Clips are also fantastic alternatives to pins. You’ll need needles to spearhead the stitching of your quilt.

Cotton Fabrics

Perhaps one of the most significant contributors of all, cotton is one of the best and most versatile materials you can use to create a quilt. Cotton is also a durable fabric, so count on those beautifully crafted masterpieces to last a while.

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