Crafty New Years Resolutions

Crafty New Years Resolutions

Since it’s almost the new year, it’s time to start thinking of a special resolution for yourself. While you’re likely to be looking for new crafting projects for this coming year, why not combine the two and start make some crafts goals for yourself? Maybe there’s some crafts you’ve always wanted to make and have never gotten around to, or perhaps you have projects you’ve started but not finished. Learn about some crafty New Year’s resolutions by reading below.

Make a Goal To Finish Works in Progress

When you’re a crafter, it’s easy to get inspired to start many different projects. While there are a great number of people who like to take one project at a time, it’s easy to find multiple types of projects that entice you. This is exciting, but you’re not likely to get multiple projects completed on top of each other. Like a pile of books we want to read, and films or T.V. shows we want to watch, you’re likely to wind up with a stack of unfinished crafts if you start more at once. Start off your new year by working through any of these crafts before adding more. The proud feeling of accomplishment you’ll get from completing your previous craft goals sets the perfect precedent for your upcoming year.

Use up All of Your Supplies

Before going and looking for too many new types of crafts, consider all the material you have that hasn’t been used yet. Craft supplies are easy to accumulate, whether you have a variety of different crafting projects or multiple projects of the same craft. Get everything you have and see if you can come up with some unique crafting projects that’ll utilize the materials you already have. If you’re struggling to think of ideas, look online for different crafts you can make with your materials. This goal can help you think outside the box on projects, potentially leading you to discover new crafts you’d have never thought of vefore.

Start Teaching Crafts

While it’s fun to make crafts for your own enjoyment, as well as gifts for loved ones, it can also be rewarding to teach a new crafter. Teach someone new, possibly online, or create a wonderful bonding experience with close friends and family. This allows everyone to be away from technology and more focused on quality time together. You could make a unique date night out of teaching your significant other your hobby. It’s never too late for anyone to start crafting. Nearly everybody has some kind of creative side. This might be a way to help someone close to you find new confidence in their creative mind. Teaching them how to knit, paint, crochet, or any other craft to introduce them to a new pastime.

Try the #The100DayProject Challenge

One of the crafty new years resolutions that’s been gaining large amounts of attention is Instagram’s #The100DayProject challenge. Designed to be a global art project, this event covers 100 consecutive days of the new year, with participants creating a new craft piece each day. These mini projects only require five to ten minutes. Each time you complete a project, you can make a post about it on Instagram under the hashtag #The100DayProject. This is also a wonderful opportunity to connect with other artists from around the world. It opens doors for more inspiration, collaboration, and friendships.

Look Into Virtual Art Galleries

We’re living in strange times with all of the shutdowns due to COVID-19. Normally, you’d go out and visit various public art galleries. As many will remain closed while numbers of the virus run high, many art museums have made their collections available online for virtual viewing. There are lots of beautiful collections from museums across the country and around the world that you probably wouldn’t be able to go to at the drop of a hat, anyway. Luckily, most are available in virtual online forms. This is wonderful inspiration for new craft or art ideas over the coming year. While revisiting some of the most famous works of classic artists is always inspiring, take the opportunity to explore and learn about new works you’re never heard of. You’re likely to find unique inspiration for your own future projects.

Start Keeping Documents of Your Creative Process

Keeping track of the different facets of your creative process is important for perfecting you craft. We’re always learning and growing our creative abilities. While it may seem like you can just commit much of your processes to memory, you might find there are specific instances where that isn’t the best idea. If you’re doing something like painting, you may want to take a picture, or write notes, of the amount it took to mix to make a specific color. Or you might need a specific type of fabric if you want to replicate a previous sewing project. Take photos of these details and compile them in files for later reference.

Attend a Crafting Workshop

If you’ve never done so before, a new crafting workshop can be a great thing to get your creative juices flowing for the new year. Not only will this introduce you to something fun and different, but it will also boost your confidence. If you’re feeling intimidated approaching a new craft, finding a workshop for it is a perfect source for guidance into it. Testing your abilities and watching yourself learn a new skill is beneficial for your creative process and your mental wellbeing. There are many different varieties of crafting classes nationwide. Due to COVID-19 there may be less, so it’s wise to also look around for virtual classes online.

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Crafty New Years Resolutions