How To Achieve Straight Fabric Cuts Every Time

How To Achieve Straight Fabric Cuts Every Time

Quilting can be a fun and helpful skill to learn. While there the aspects many people focus on, such as sewing techniques and understanding patterns, they can overlook simple yet still important details—like making all your cuts straight. Some specifics can help you avoid making inaccurate cuts. Learn how to achieve straight fabric cuts every time by reading below.

Choose a Good Rotary Cutter

Rotary cutters are actually a fairly new tool when it comes to quilting. They’re generally designed with a sharp blade capable of cutting through layers of fabric. This tool is very practical since it allows you to cut much faster while keeping the cut line straight. All rotary cutters aren’t made the same. They can range from 45mm to 60mm in size, which can make it confusing to decide which type you need. If you’re a new quilter, you’re fine to start off with a 45 mm blade. This size can cut through two layers of fabric. If you want to cut through several layers, you may be best to go with a 60 mm rotary cutter.

Get the Right Cutting Mat

A cutting mat is another helpful tool that can make your cuts consistently straight. Cutting mats are generally designed out of polyethylene plastic which allows them to be self-healing. You want to make sure you’re making straight, accurate cuts, but don’t want to ruin your table in the process. Like the rotary cutters, there are many types of cutting mats in stores, such as a cutting mat that’s large and double sided. There are features you can look for to help you choose the best one. Although if you want to start small, you could get one at 12” x 18”. If you want to make sure you have extra room, you can invest in a 24” x 36” cutting mat which will be great for a project of any size and will last you many years.

Add an Acrylic Quilting Ruler

When wondering how to achieve straight fabric cuts every time, a proper guilting ruler something you don’t want to forget. When you have the right cutting tool and a good mat to use it properly, you still need a solid edge to cut against for the cut to come out straight. Acrylic rulers are the best option since they’re durable enough for the rotary cutter blade to ride against. They’re also designed with a non-slip backing which helps stabilize it while you’re making your cut. The rulers are also clear so you can see the markings to accurately which will help you line it up properly.

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