What You Can Make With Leftover Scraps of Fabric

What You Can Make With Leftover Scraps of Fabric
If you have been working on a large amount of crafting projects lately, you’re likely to have some leftover fabric scraps. Rather than going out to spend money on more material, consider what you might be able to make out of what you still have hanging around. Learn what you can make with leftover scraps of fabric by reading below.

A Custom Phone Case

Though you can buy the newest popular phone case off the shelf or online, you should consider the wonderful, personalized case you could make yourself. If you still have plenty of scrap fabric left over from previous projects, look through what you have, and see if you can create a fun fabric case for your phone. It will keep it safe while also making it look stylish.

Monogram Pouch

Another fun, personalized craft you can make out of your leftover fabric scraps is a monogram pouch. This is a fabric pouch that’s inscribed with the letter of your first name. This is a super easy project that you can make look beautiful. Choose a solid color for the first half of the pouch. Then, pick a patterned fabric for the other half. Your monogram should be made out of your patterned fabric.

Marble Necklace

Create a simple yet gorgeous necklace out of some fabric scraps and a marble. All you have to do is tie the scraps together around the marble, so it sits in the middle. These are a fun addition to your wardrobe, especially if you make them in various colors to match different outfits. These can also make wonderful gifts around the holidays or a personalized present for a loved one’s birthday.

Lip Balm Keychain Holder

If you’re wondering what you can make with leftover scraps of fabric that will be practical, consider this lip balm holder for your keychain. Lip balm is something that can be a necessity, especially during the cold months when the wind hits your face, causing your lips to become chapped and crack. It’s often hard to find a place to keep your lip balm where it won’t get lost. All you will need for this craft is one small fabric scrap. Make sure you choose your favorite fabric from the pile of your leftovers for a look that will suit you.

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