How To Declutter Your Craft Supplies

How To Declutter Your Craft Supplies

Is your crafts station looking cluttered? Are items out of place? If so, it’s time to start decluttering. Organizing your craft supplies is important—it will help you feel more inclined to use your supplies. Also, you’ll start and complete projects faster, and your personal view of your crafts will improve. Consider these tips to learn how to declutter your craft supplies.

Gather All Supplies

Start by gathering all your supplies. Spread them out so you can make decisions on where they will go or whether you want to keep them. You may want to discard or donate some materials. Begin sorting items so they are ready for storage.

Purchase Storage Equipment

Getting the right storage equipment is a key part of decluttering your craft supplies. Make sure you have enough bins or shelves for items. Consider a pegboard for things like scissors, thread, twine, and snap fasteners. If you have certain items you use for a variety of different crafts, make a “Miscellaneous” bin. You should also have a “Current Crafts” bin where you can easily grab your work in progress.

Make Area Appealing

Get crafty with how your station looks beyond general neatness. Use your favorite colors for bins, decorate your shelves, and paint designs on your wooden pegboard. By making the space attractive to the eye, it will become part of your home rather than its own separate storage area. You’ll be more willing to craft if you have positive feelings every time you pass the space.

Display Your Arts and Crafts

In addition to making the area appealing, you should also include your creations as décor. Be proud of your work, and show your crafts off as part of the display. When you make your art part of the setup itself, you’ll feel pride in your abilities as a crafter. That will instill confidence that can motivate you to keep making more creations.

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