Crocheting in the Round: Spiral vs. Joining

Crocheting in the Round: Spiral vs. Joining

Crocheting can be a rewarding hobby to take up, as it’s not only engaging, but it also enables you to create wonderful items and garments for daily use. If you want to expand the field of what you can craft, learning to crochet in the round might be for you. While many people use various methods, there are two prominent methods you can read about below for crocheting in the round: spiral vs. joining.

What Is Crocheting in the Round?

To learn these methods and discover which one you will prefer, it’s important that we first look at crocheting in the round and how it works. Many crocheting projects, such as scarves, blankets, and clothes, are good starters because they only require you to work in rows and are relatively simple. Crocheting in the round is used to stitch items such as hats, mittens, and booties. The technique can also be used to make items like coasters or trivets. You’ll also be amazed by how much crocheting in the round will expand the range of projects you can take on. However, there are two methods you must understand for crocheting in the round: spiral vs. joining.

Using the Spiral Method

You can apply the spiral method to any item that requires a spiral, whether it’s flat or three-dimensional. Start with a foundation chain that uses fifteen single crochet stitches. Once you have completed this, stick your hook into the first chain at the top. You may also want to use a piece of white yarn as a running stitch marker (RSM). Do this starting from the end of the first round, as this makes it easier to see the seams. Flick it back and forth over your work before making the first stitch of each round to create a running stitch in the work. It should run straight. Lay your piece of scrap yarn over the work before you start the next round. Finish up round two with the last stitch falling into the stitch to the right of your white yarn. You will continue making your rounds with the first stitch of every round inside the first stitch of the previous round.

Using the Joining Method

The joining method is a bit more involved. You will start each round by chaining one round, then slip stitching into the same chain at the end of the previous round. Add in your RSM after making a chain but before making the first stitch of the next round. Next, make the standard crochet in the same stitch as the slip stitch join, then continue the rest of your stitches. At the end of the round, you will skip the stitch that’s left since it is actually the backend of the slip stitch join. Instead, join the first stitch with a slip stitch. Continue each round in this manner. Makes sure to keep weaving in your RSM along the way.

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