Why You Should Join a Quilting Guild

Why You Should Join a Quilting Guild

Quilting can be an extremely engaging and creative hobby. If you enjoy the craft of quilting, or if you are just looking to get into it, a quilting guild can be great to join. There are many benefits that you will find in one. When you have a hobby like quilting, it is all the more rewarding to work and share the art with others who carry that same passion. Learn further, as we discuss why you should join a quilting guild.

Connect and Learn From Others

There are several benefits of connecting with others through a quilting guild. One of the first things is that it’s always wonderful to make new friends. Expanding your social circle is necessary for a healthy and happy life. Meeting new people through a quilting guild will offer you an opportunity to also meet new quilters. You are all already there for the same reason—these are quilters and sewers who already have a similar interest as you. It can be an incredibly rewarding experience to be around and connect with people who are also passionate about quilting.

Opportunities for Supply Swaps

Do you frequently end up with a lot of extra or unwanted supplies? Or, do you always end up needing more supplies? Quilting guilds constantly have fabric, supply, and project swaps. These are great opportunities to get rid of any unwanted materials that are just taking up space. Plus, giving your unneeded items to someone else who might really be able to use them is a far better option than wasting the resources by just tossing them out eventually.

Helps You Find Inspiration

Working with other quilters and sewers in a quilting guild is a great way to get inspired. Like any art, when you are working closely with other creators, your ideas will bounce off one another which will give you more inspiration. This is what helps get the creative juices flowing. It can also help you stay up on all of the current trends in quilting. Being exposed to what others are doing helps everyone stay in the loop.

You Will Be Further Educated

If you’re wondering why you should join a quilting guild, this is an important reason for any quilter. Not only do quilting guilds give you opportunities to work closely with other quilters, but they often have sessions with speakers who will educate you in further techniques and designs. What’s even better is these presentations often are followed up with a hands-on workshop that will help you to polish your skills. With any skill, you can always keep learning and growing. You might be able to pick up other crafting skills beyond quilting, like tatting and crochet. To make sure you’re prepared to learn, invest in quality materials such as quilting or tatting supplies from Canada.