Vital and Simple Tips for Teaching Children to Knit

Vital and Simple Tips for Teaching Children to Knit

As we’ve mentioned in many different blogs, crafting is not just for older women. In fact, it’s for all age ranges—including children. If you want your kids to reap the rewards from crafting, start now! There are so many different projects that can help soothe your child and bring them peace and relaxation. If you think your kid would love the benefits of crafting, check out our important tips for teaching children to knit—they’ll be self-sufficient in no time!

Stay Calm

One of the most important tips for teaching children to knit is to remember to stay calm. If you’re teaching a kid who loves to focus, that’s great! Most children, however, may not have a long attention span or may not listen to directions well. Try your best to stay patient, and don’t try to force them to learn. Remember that mistakes happen, and the calmer you stay, the better chance you have at your child keeping up with the craft.

Pick the Right Yarn

This is especially important for when you work with younger children with small hands. Super thick yarn can be difficult for anyone to work with, let alone children. Wool tends to be the yarn of choice when it comes to teaching people to knit—it’s easy to work with and it’s forgiving. Medium or worsted weight yarn is the perfect choice for kids since it’s not too big or small.

Start with Finger-Knitting

Finger-knitting is one of the best ways to get children knitting. This is basically just crocheting a chain but without dropping the tool. It helps children get used to how the yarn feels and make a long chain, quickly! You can make tons of cute projects with this style until the child gets more comfortable with the movements.

Use Positive Reinforcement

You need to make sure you use positive reinforcement consistently as you teach your child. As you know, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when learning how to knit, so imagine what that must be like for them. Try to do your best to speak positively, even when they make mistakes. If they have a positive reaction from you, they’re more likely to try to recreate that.

Move on to a Garter Stitch Swatch

Now that your kid has a better feel for yarn, it’s time to move on to a simple garter stitch swatch. There’s no other stitch pattern that’s easier to learn, and it will help children count their rows. Make sure they have the right sized needles in both thickness and length. Cast on and do the first row for them, so they can see how it’s done, and then let them give it a try. You’ll be surprised how quickly kids can pick up knitting.

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