Introducing our Thread Matching Service

Hello, hello!

Can I get a drumroll please? I've been dying to tell you guys about a new service we're offering that will (hopefully) make your life WAY easier!

We understand. Matching thread online is really hard (or impossible?). So...we came up with a way to make it easier. And by make it easier, I mean, we'll do it for you! Yes, we are now able to offer a Thread Matching Service! And at no additional cost! The only thing you will be paying for is the actual thread.

At the moment, we are only able to offer this service for Gütermann 100m Sew-all Thread and Aurifil 50wt Cotton Thread as these are the thread lines we have the most variety of. We will be working to expand our thread offerings over the next year, so we hope to be able to offer matching services for other brands and lines very soon.

And now are you wondering how to utilize this handy thread matching service? Well, I've included all the details and some visuals below. So take a look!

To find the Thread Matching listing, go to The Quilt Shop > Thread > Thread Matching Service.

Machine Sewing Thread collection


Once you're in the Thread Matching Service collection, select the Thread Matching Service listing (it's the only product in that collection!).

Thread Matching Service collection 

Once on the product page, select either Gütermann Polyester or Aurifil 50wt Cotton. If necessary, adjust the quantity. Now add that to cart.

 Thread Matching selection


Now in the Order Notes section of the shopping cart, specify which fabric you want us to match the thread to. Once we've received the order, we will pick the closest match.

Shopping Cart 

Purchase as many of the 'Thread Matching Service' as you want thread.
For example, if you want 2 spools of blue thread for the elephant toss and 3 spools of teal for the foliage teal, you would purchase 5 of the Thread Matching Service.
Then in the Order Notes section of your shopping cart, you would write the following: 2 spools for elephant toss and 3 spools for foliage teal.
If you have any questions, please email us at
Until next time,