What Quilts Are Good For Summer?

What Quilts Are Good For Summer?

Summer can be a tricky time for quilting. Crafting with heavy fabrics and materials can easily make quilting a strenuous activity. However, assembling quilts for the summertime also arms you with the perfect blanket for beach days, park picnics, and late-night stargazing. To learn more about what quilts are good for the summer season, continue reading our guide.

Fruity Pattern Quilts

Summer means savoring the citrus flavors of tropical smoothies. What better way to celebrate these sweet treats than by making your own tropical summer quilt? Patterns with summery fruits like strawberries, mangos, watermelons, or peaches are perfect when you want to fill quilts with bright colors and fun imagery.

Design a quilt in the shape of a giant watermelon or search for fabrics that feature mixtures of your favorite fruits. You can find plenty of interesting fabric panels for quilting as you explore your options. Regardless of how you choose to channel fruit motifs, your finished quilt will be a bright and bold celebration of summertime.

Garden Party Quilts

If you’re an avid gardener or you love to decorate your home with fresh flowers, a garden party quilt will be a fitting summertime addition to your home. Use patterns for quilting a single blooming tulip or creating an intricate design that showcases a field of multicolored lilies.

These floral designs give you the creative freedom to craft as many details as you’d like to include in your project. Whether you decide to hang your quilt as a decorative piece in your living room or prefer to bring it with you on beach days, these delicate patterns are a classic ode to summer.

Linen Quilts

If you prefer to keep your quilt designs simple, focusing on linen fabrics will help you craft the summer quilt of your dreams. Linen fabrics are easier to quilt because they’re lightweight and relatively thin.

Linen fabrics are also highly breathable because they have woven flax fibers that allow more air to flow between their individual strands. This material design makes working on bigger quilting projects much more enjoyable and less taxing during hot summer days.

If you prefer to craft a summer quilt to keep you comfortable during summer nights, linen is also an ideal choice for you. The amply-spaced fibers in linen prevent the fabric from clinging to your body and allow heat to pass through them, rather than trapping it. Linen quilts will enable you to sleep comfortably through hot summer nights so you can dream about your favorite crafting projects of the season.

When you ask yourself what quilts are good for summer, consider your favorite elements of the season. Whether you favor bold fruit designs, delicate floral patterns, or textured and useful material compositions, the perfect summer quilt is out there waiting for you to craft it. 

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